May QC dev update posted

May update is out, contains lot of interesting news:

  • MK3 Silicon Fuzz (JHS® Bender® 1973 London®)*

  • Reverse Delay*

  • Dual Reverse Delay*

  • Volume BLock*

"on-screen keyboard and the expression pedal UI have been redesigned to improve user experience alongside many other quality of life improvements. The Digital and Dual delays (as well as the new Reverse delays) have new Dynamics controls.

Cortex Control is in a very good state. We hope to release a public beta version in the coming months and launch well before the end of the year.

Plugin compatibility is also progressing, and we will be able to share more information about the first batch of compatible plugins soon. Archetype: Plini will be among the first plugins to be compatible with the Quad Cortex."


Stoked on the Reverse Delay. And “dynamics” controls sounds to me like a ducking function. Keep voting on changes you want to see, folks.


yeah, if the XP UI changes include a shortcut to the menu from the Meter, that’ll take care of one of my big requests.
They are DEFINITELY listening!

The biggest update here is that Plugin compatibility is starting to sound like it’s actually happening


Thanks for sharing Xush. I wonder how a person can get involved with the public beta testing? Do you know?


well, the Public aspect will mean this one is available to everyone. When it is released, we should ALL know and have access. Their usual beta team is private and ‘full,’ they’ve always said they’d let us know if they ever have any openings.

I think this being the first public beta they’ve offered is a GREAT sign. Maybe there will be other opportunities.


Sounds great to me. Thanks for the update, NDSP.


Maybe that will help speed up the process SOON. :wink:


Things seem to be falling into place which is great! But this statement means a lot as well:
“Additionally, we are conducting a thorough security audit to ensure that any sensitive information is secure.”


I don’t think anyone could possibly say NDSP doesn’t listen to its customer base; it’s pretty well-established now that they are and it is APPRECIATED!

This late (barely) Dev Update also bolsters confidence in communication. Looking good

as an usual critic this is nice to hear! hopefully they get the public beat going really soon. getting cortex control before the end of the year is good but it´s still a long way to go. having that option even in beat would be amazing for most of us haters


Don’t announce a new OS release like May update release , when in fact , we will only see it in July or later. Buying the WC has been a huge dissapointment , and in a Country like mine, the exchange rate is ridiculous. So when you shell out bud bucks , you expect what has been advertised.

Damn that NDSP for communicating early and messing up the exchange rate! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I certainly do understand your frustration. I look at the QC as a 2 to 5 year investment. It will pay off SOON but the exact timing is not known. It does a whole lot already. It will certainly do more. I wish you great peace in the meantime and the inspiration to make music that is meaningful and joyful. God bless you and all you love. — Brian

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MarkBeling; not sure if you’re new to just this forum or the Quad Cortex in general, but a lot of us early adopters (first batch QC users) have been BEGGING NDSP for better communication since the beginning. They have stepped up their game a little in the past year or so, so we tend to appreciate ANY info they choose to share with us because we’ve gone so long without much.

They are closing in on finishing off the features that were promised early on. Control, the desktop editor, is soon to release as a public beta, something they’ve never done before. They mentioned the plug-in porting progress as well, something we have many specifics or details on before.

Compared to what we’ve gone thru here the past few years, their regular Dev Updates in the News section of the website are treasures for most of us who’ve been begging for info for so long.

There’s a difference in CorOS updates/upgrades that you DL on the QC and Developer Updates that are news published on the site. This post is calling attention to the May Dev Update (bcz it was a little late), not specifically the CorOS update 2.1 DL which they’ve been discussing for months already.

Welcome to the Forum. If there is any byword or motto here, it’d be “patience.” The big improvements we all want take some time. But they are getting there!


Honestly Xush if I had to do it all over again I would have passed on the QC. My experience is that it has been more frustrating than exciting. As I have said before I was just looking for the next best thing. So I bought it. 6 months later I have built a nice pedalboard around it and just consider it a pricey piece of my equipment. There is not a single thing wrong with it. I just have to admit that it did not meet my expectations. What were my expectations? Uh, gee, er, I thought I would be a better guitarist by now… but seriously I can see both sides of the coin on the development of the QC. So much upside and a lot of downside while we wait. Not saying anything new here, just sharing my thoughts at this moment. I appreciate all the kind people here in the forum like you. Rock on!!!


I’m curious about what’s to come. But honestly i’m happy what i have right now in the QC. Sounds are great, models are great, i have captured my jubilee in it and won’t bring it to gigs/reheasals anymore.

But damn do i wish for that coffee brew feature.


This is something I am really waiting for. NDSP plugins (Nolly, TK Imperial) are of THE greatest quality in the plugin world. Make QC great again. I need that TRiUMPh. :wink:

Oh god let’s please not go there.

I love the QC. Took about six weeks to switch my live rig over and haven’t looked back since August 2022. I can load everything into my back seat now and didn’t give up anything on tone or flexibility. It’s gotten better even. I kept my strymon and boss delay pedals but ditched everything else but the talk box. One night I forgot my FRFR monitor and realized I didn’t need it anymore either! I will admit that I haven’t updated yet to v2 simply as a matter of choice vs. perceived need. I look forward to it once I do and there are a few things I could use I believe. If I could change anything about it, it would be to modify the midi control for turning on and off gig view by providing a specific on and specific off setting versus the current toggle method, and then, somehow provide a universal auto-leveling of output volume between presets. I would also add the capability to assign colors to scene mode in gig view.