May QC dev update posted

I’m in same boat as you. It’s just a pain to sell it and pick up something else that in the long run is probably not worth it. I also have hope for the future but in hindsight I wouldn’t have done it.

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Thanks for sharing. My needs are so simple. So I am not really complaining about what it cannot do. I only play at church and my sound is a fairly clean Fenderish tone. In hindsight I would have been well off to keep the UA Dream pedal and build my pedalboard around that. I really liked the sound on that amp in a box.

But I seen the QC about 6 months ago and sent the Dream back to Amazon… Now I have a PedalTrain board. I have the Andy Timmons Halo, the Strymon Cloudburst, The Keeley Compressor Plus, and the Keeley Super AT overdrive.

My QC is essentially my amp on my board. I am currently using a stock Morgan50 on the QC and it sounds Magnificent! So long story a bit shorter I am playing through a setup that would cost a whole lot more without the amazing Modeling we now enjoy. So I am ahead of the game… and what does come up the road will all be a bonus.

I put my QC on a pedalboard to distract myself from the never ending cycle of UPDATES. If I want to update my current setup I will buy a FREAKING pedal! :crazy_face:

So thanks for engaging with me here. The nice thing about this forum is we can share technical information and just as importantly our perspectives on how we feel about our setups. God bless you and all you love. —Brian


I don’t even play live. Literally just recording but it’s an easy option when playing through an FRFR in the room. But even for recording it doesn’t do the job, too much latency and issues with bitcrushing over the years. Even with NAM you can do better plugin format without reamping. I think the QC is better for live, their system is closed that you have to reamp everything. They also really should have put optical out into the unit in my opinion.

optical connection would be nice, and a choice of higher sample rates would be a god option.
But I’ve been recording w/ mine since the beginning and never had any troubles w/ a Mac. Never tried w/ a PC. It’s been great as an interface to Logic.

Sad that your config has problems.
I record Always and all with win 10 via USB.
All fine, i think qc Is a fantastic recording unit.
I think that It can be USB micro controller…
In my esperience i use Always and only Asus mb

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You still experience the bitcrush noise when using USB audio? You are running the most current driver (if Windows based etc.)?

I experience it less but it does happen now and then. You basically reset the driver and it works fine again but it definitely isn’t as stable as a typical interface.

Even if recording is fine, the fact you have to go through the hardware to reamp is not worth it these days with the other solutions on the market. QC should really be able to be utilised as VST otherwise as a recording device it falls short. Hence why i said live it makes sense but if you aren’t doing that damn it’s a ton of money.

Uh…for me also four reamping Lines are a paradise.
Because i unload my PC from quality guitars plugins (quality a lot of used resources) and i leave It free for drums synths and so on…
Without freeze…all realtime

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