Loudness jumps in Abasi

Yesterday i bought the Abasi and Plini plugins and i’m really happy with them.
What i notice are loudness jumps in self created presets. So, when i start the plugin in Logic or as standalone, i always have to recall the preset to get the previously saved loudness. What am i doing wrong here?

Also, would it be possible in a future update to save the settings in the compressor, eq, delay and reverb stomps, so when i switch to clean f.e. the compressor will be switched on and while playing high gain with another amp the compressor is off.

Didn’t try this out in Plini. Have to try today

Thank you very much for your help

MacBook Pro 16", 2TB SSD, 16GB RAM, latest OS, Logic Pro X, latest version

Hi @foxdigital.ch. Is there a specific parameter not loading correctly that causes the jump in loudness? Thanks!

Hi Gonzalo and thank you for getting back.
I found something out. When i use the Abasi in standalone mode and i save a certain setup in a new preset name and then later on i start Logic it of course uses the last saved Logic setup but it shows the previously saved preset name that i did in Standalone mode.
So if i then recall that preset again in Logic then i can have some loudness bumps, if i changed the Volume before in Logic. So it seems the shame goes on me.
I guess i was somehow confused because i did see the same preset name as in Standalone mode. Also somehow confusing is, that if i change settings in Abasi when using it in Logic the asterix doesn’t appear like it does in Standalone mode. I think the logic there is, that this parameter changes will be saved in Logic and have no influence in the preset itself.
Anyway, i really love those plugins and it would be great, if i could also store the stomps per amp.
Thank you again and kind regards

Yes. The DAW settings will always override the preset settings in that case.

The star symbol not appearing when you make changes sounds like an issue though, we will look into it.

Thanks for notifying us!

Thanks a lot for your response. You are right, the Asterix symbol doesn’t appear in Standalone as well as in plugin mode.
Any chance to see storable stomps per amp in a future update?

Thanks again and take care

I’ll ask about it.