Tips for running multiple instances of plugin in Logic Pro X?

I’ve been using the plugin for a couple of weeks and it has been mostly good until I’ve got to the point where I’m running multiple instances of the plugin, each on different guitar parts.

I’ve recently noticed a lot of clicking / popping type sounds when I playback multiple tracks, even when I have all other tracks muted.

I’ve started getting Logic errors like:

System Overload

The audio engine was unable to process all required data in time.

You can try increasing the I/O buffer size, change the Multithreading option at Logic Pro X > Preferences > Audio > Devices.

I was initially using the default I/O buffer size of 128 but still had issues when I reduced it to 32 (the lowest I can set it).

I also sometimes get an error like so:

Error while trying to synchronise Audio and MIDI

Sample Rate 42,178 recognized. Check conflict between Logic Pro X and external device.

I realise this is potentially a lot to ask of my system. Can I create a mix down of the computed plugin audio and use that during playback so multiple instances of the plugin aren’t running at the same time?

Any ideas? Anyone had similar issues?

Some info about what my machine, etc:

  • MacBook Pro retina 15" mid-2015.
  • 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7
  • 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
  • Recording my guitar directly using Scarlett Solo
  • macOS Mojave 10.14.6
  • Logic v10.4.8
  • Archetype Plini 2.0.0

Note that this issue happens whether I’m running my Scarlett Solo or just listening to the playback with headphones through my Mac’s auxiliary output.

Hello @lenymo. You should get better results by increasing the buffer size since it will give your CPU more time to process the audio, resulting in less CPU consumption but more latency. Try going from 128 to 256 samples.

Check that the sample rate and buffer size in the Audio MIDI setup coincides with your DAW settings (Applications>Utilities>Audio MIDI setup). Be sure that’s set to 44100 Hz in both cases. 1

You can also freeze tracks in Logic to reduce the CPU usage of those tracks. 2, 3

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Thanks Gonzalo, that’s answered my question perfectly. Admittedly I am new to DAWs and Logic so didn’t realise I was adjusting buffer size in the wrong direction.

It looks like Logic’s “freeze” functionality is exactly what I was looking for.

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