Plini Settings Disappeared after update

Hey, ok so I don’t know what happened here…
But I updated Plini to the latest version as per the instructions, inc removing the old version.
Now when I opened my most recent project in Logic, it says that the “Archetype Plini” plugin doesn’t exist and the plugin is greyed out. The new version of the plugin is indeed in the plugins list, but if I select that one all settings I had for the song obviously disappears…
What up with this?!

Hello @oscarfogelstrom. What version of macOS are you using?

I am using OSX 10.14.6

Thanks. We will look into it.

Are you able to load presets created with the older version?

I Don’t know. I don’t know which presets were created with the older version

And yeah, I also experience a HUGE increase in cpu usage…

We’re currently working on an update to fix some of those issues. Please keep a copy of your project without making any changes.

Keep in mind that you can roll back to the old version while we fix this.

Yeah, I might do that. let’s see

I had the same “problem” in Reaper. It happened because I had installed only the new VST3 version, without resintalling a VST version.
Before the update there was only the VST version. In fact the two versions are considered as a different plugins and it’s normal.

Try to do a reinstall and take care to install the simple VST version too, just to get your project instances back and save their settings.

UPDATE: Due to MIDI implementation on the Plugin, AU catalogs the plugin as a different type. It is a limitation with the AU format. All other formats are compatible but there is not much we can do than just communicating. All plugins which have had MIDI from the start will not have this issue, but as I said it’s an AU problem. Saving presets and reloading them is the way to go in this case. Older versions of the products are ALWAYS available on our site if you need to go back to finish a project or to load an old one. Feel free to back up those installers on your own too. I hope this is ok with you guys, but sometimes drastic updates require rework.

Thank you for your understanding.


No problem with that, it’s part of improvement :+1:

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