Lots of popping and cracking using plugin

When using any of the Neural plugins, i get A LOT of popping and cracking. I can reduce from 192khz… it goes away but so does the sound quality. Very noticeably. I had a ryzen 3 2200g before, thought maybe my cpu wasn’t up to snuff, I upgraded to ryzen 5 3600 and a 570 GPU. Still getting the problem… Also gets worse if I’m playing a youtube video while using the plugin.

Any helpful tips, suggestions?

Hello @anthony.bencomo. There’s no real benefit in going above 48000 Hz when using Plug-Ins/Applications that include oversampling features since this tool will take care of any potential aliasing artifacts. Setting your sample rate to 88kHz or above will hurt your system performance in vain. You can check this video for more information about the subject.

Your system should be perfectly capable of running several instances of the Plug-In without any dropouts, as well as using the standalone application while playing Youtube videos. Be sure that you select “ASIO” at audio device type in the audio settings, and check that your sample rate matches the configuration of your system. Take a look at our guide for PC optimization if you haven’t already: Optimizing your PC for Music Production

If everything looks good on your system but you still experience crackling noises, analyze the stability of your PC using Latencymon. DPC latency can cause audio dropouts and it’s not always measured by CPU usage.

Remember that you can send screenshots/clips to support@neuraldsp.com if you need further assistance.

Is the Problem stil present?
i want to Build a new PC just for DAW use
it should run
8 Tracks of Neural Plini
1 Track of darkglass
1 Track mididrums

I Planed a system with a Ryzen 3600 or intel i5 9500 but now i am not sure anymore :hugs:

Hi @sebastian.knetzger. The specific hardware is just one part of the equation. You also need to consider the real-time performance of your system and how well optimized it is, some devices or processes running on your computer could eventually bottleneck the system. I recommend checking the links shared above, as well as this video explaining the differences between CPU performance and Real-time performance.

On the hardware side of things and answering your question, any of those two processors should work just fine assuming that your system is optimized for audio production and that you will be using the correct settings.

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Hi Gonzalo, thanks for the Answer and the link. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you know which one of this CPUs performs better for the Neural DSP Plugins, or doesn’t it matter?
If i use the iGPU of the Intel there would be no Price difference between the Intel and the AMD system.

Thanks and regards :wink:

@sebastian.knetzger I would assume that the Ryzen 3600 is better due to the additional threads.

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Hi Gonzalo!
Thanks again for the fast answer :wink:

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short update, maybe it would help someone who is also not sure what to take.

I bought following Setup:

  • Ryzen 3600
  • 16GB Ram
  • Samsung M2 SSD (PCIe)
  • Aorus B450 M
  • MSI GT1030

Interface: Motu M2

DAW: Reaper

it works very well, i can run 27 Instances of NeuralDSP Plini (Oversampling high) without dropouts
CPU is @ 85%
RAM usage 2,8 GB

44.1 kHz 24 bit
Buffersize 256
Latency 6.4ms

if i lower the Buffersize to 64 Samples i can run 14 instances of the plini with amazing Latency of 2.0ms
without dropouts

I use the PC just for music (no internet connection) so i can’t say what would happen if you install antivirus software.

perfect PC with enough Headroom for my requirements <3

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@sebastian.knetzger That’s awesome. Thanks for the update!