Snap, Crackle, Pop noise

Recently purchased 2 plugins:

  • Archetype-Petrucci
  • Soldano SLO-100

I’m getting the snap, crackle, pop, noise…

I have setup the windows power options for CPU minimum state to 100% which solved the issue last night. Today the noise has returned. It’s not as bad, but still there…
I hear this noise in people’s youtube videos as well.
I know it is not necessarily the Neural DSP Plugins, as it does this with all Amp Sim Software.
I’ve removed all other amp sim because the Neural DSP is by far the best.

BTW my CPU usage even with every effect enabled is only about 3-5%

This is my first post, been looking at Neural DSP for a while now. I love it so far…
Did the 14 day trial, and was ready to purchase after a few minutes of using it.

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks for the forums.

Hey @6ixTek and welcome to the community!
Depending on which interface you are using, you may need to adjust the sample rate to work best between your interface and the plug-in(s). If you are using the QC for usb audio, ensure you have the most current driver installed. If not using QC, you will have to check to see if you are using windows audio or an ASIO driver and then see which sample rate works best with your interface.

Thank you for the reply Scott_Mod. Very appreciated.

I’ve tried different sample rates, it seems to like 256 the most, as I can tell/feel the latency anything higher, I can tell a little at 256 but it’s not too bad. 44.1khz.

I’m using a Sapphire Pro 14 Firewire interface via PCIe dedicated firewire chip. I have not used USB interfaces for many years due to it having shared bus issues. It will go up to 2048 buffer but way to much latency. Also this an ASIO device 8 channel 24-bit 192Hz, but will only go to 44.1k with the Plugin. Making changes in either the interface or Neural DSP Amp, it will update the other. There are settings in the interface not in the Neural DSP Amp settings.
Should I be using 16-bit? I wonder.

Also it seems like the Cracks and pops might be linked to GPU as well, I was using a Multi-Display power saving mode with Nvidia Inspector so my GPU is not running 1200Mhz constant. |
So I’ve removed the power saving from CPU, and GPU. seems to help a lot…

Also if I open my Focusrite Saffire Mix Control panel I get some clicking poping as well.
I wonder if there is a conflict here, as exclusive control is enabled in windows audio settings.

So far I leave the power saving disabled, and do not open Sapphire Control Panel. I don’t have the noises.

I have also moved all my AAX, VST3, etc to the OS NVMe as I had them on a HDD storage.
So this may have helped as well.

To bad these things conflict with each other.

Thank you again for the reply…
I’ll report back if have I any more findings or solutions.
I hope this info might help others as well…


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Sorry I just realized QC = Quad Cortex, I have not purchased one yet, I’m just using the PC standalone , and plugins at this point.

As a comparison, I use a 3rd gen Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 and can run @48kHz and 64 samples with the SLO plugin in standalone and get no clicks or pops. I use a MacBook Pro.

Is that at 16-bit or 24-bit?
I really don’t want to record at 16-bit, running in the standalone is fine, but when using the plugins in Cubase 12 it will be 24-bit. So I need to do some further testing.

Also I need to figure a way to loop back through my looper, for just jamming and capturing ideas. I currently have a GNX3k running XLR >> Analog Mixer >> JamMan Stereo >> Sapphire PC.
I’ve had this current setup since 2006. Now moving into Amp Sims which I tried years ago, this has come along way.

Awesome thanks @Riek I’ve set it to 48khz 64 samples, no crackles. seems to be great now. 1.3ms
still only 5-6% cpu usage over all system load. 2% on app. feels much better too.

My interface is pretty old, but seems to be very capable. I guess I was underestimating it.

I was able to get it to 48khz / 32 samples / 24-bit / 0.7ms
with no noise at all, not one crackle.

I overclocked my CPU to 4GHZ all core, with AVX offset to 3, I want try for AVX Offset of 0.

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Thats great and we are always here to support you with any issue. Glad you were able to get the right settings configured. As always, if you don’t get an answer or resolution here, always feel free to reach out to NDSP directly and they will always be able to get you sorted quickly!