Problem with Popping and Crackling in Archetype: Nolly

Hi there, I’m new to plugins–just bought the Nolly plugin and am plugging into a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen. which runs into the USB of my laptop, an Asus Vivobook running an Intel i7 at 1.8 GHz and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. Everything is brand new, so I was really surprised at how, when I started playing through the Nolly plugin, I got persistent popping. I’ve tweaked the buffer rate, and it seems not to matter whether it’s set at 16 ms or 512 ms, which I’ve found very weird. I’ve also gone through all the recommended optimization steps laid out in this very forum.

I’m wondering if what’s going wrong has something to do with hardware or some other factor that’s not included in the usual laundry list of optimization steps one could take. Hope someone out there can help!

Hi @Luke_MH87. Unfortunately, those issues are quite common with Windows laptops. Check if you can mitigate them by following these tips:

Hey there, @Gonzalo, thanks, I’ve actually followed all the steps contained in this guide.

Is the solution really just acquiring a desktop computer?

Not really. If you’re able to reach a similar amount of DPC latency as a desktop computer, then it should work as expected. Of couse, this also depends on the settings you’re using (We recommend 44.1 kHz sample rate - 128 or 64 buffer size).

Check this guide as well if you haven’t already: Glitch Free.

Hi Luke!

i had the same Problem with my Laptop
I5 8520u
32GB Ram

Popping and dropout noise. the absolute maximum was 2 NeuralDSP VSTs (Plini)
the CPU Usage was only @40%
the Keyword is “Real Time Performance” watch this Video for more Information

so i Bought a new PC (Ryzen 3600 / 16Gb Ram) and now i can run at least 20 Neural DSP VST Amps at the same time (Buffersize 64)

Thanks, it’s not been a pleasant thing to discover that my new laptop isn’t up to handling the Neural software. I’m leaning heavily towards buying a desktop at the moment, but am having a bit of a hard time figuring out what’s the best one for me. The vast majority of vendors out there cater to the gaming crowd. Any places on the web that specialize in PCs for recording and home audio?