Cracking noise! Help! Need suggestions for PC / CPU

Hey Guys, greetings fom Germany (… and sorry for my bad english)

my actual Setup:
HP-Notebook Intel I5 8250u
32GB Ram
Motu M2 Interface
Plini VST for Guitar.
Reaper DAW

My Problem:
Popping and Cracking. The maximum i can load into the DAW are 3 Tracks
Midi track for Drums,
Plini for Crunch (oversampling normal)
Plini for clean (Oversampling normal)
If i want to use more tracks for Guitar i get popping and cracking like Hell.
One more Problem: I Use both Amps for one Guitar (Dual Amp)

The Samplerate is 44.1Khz Buffersize 256, if i Increase the buffersize the Latency gets to high.

long story short: i need a new PC, this time i decided to build one just for audio.

My Requirements:
1 Drumtrack Midi
4 Tracks Plini Clean
4 Tracks Plini Crunch
1 Track Bass (Neural DSP Darkglass as soon i have the money :smiley: )
1 Track Vocals.

My actual Pricerange allows me:
Ryzen5 3600 or Intel i5-9500
16GB Ram
(in Case of I5 i will use the iGPU / in Case of Ryzen a GT710)
OS Windows 10 / 64 bit

has anybody a similar setup and tryed this?
would you suggest the Ryzen (higher Baseclock) or the Intel (higher Turbo) or are both S*it ?

thanks and best regards