Loss of sound In Nolly

I’ve been playing with the Nolly plugin for a week or two. I absolutely love the sound! After many years of using plugins I’m now actullay have some kind of feeling that my search for good (digital) tones is over.

Anyway, I noticed some buggy behavior. When in the stand alone app after playing for about 30 minutes I sometimes loss the sound. It starts with major sound interruptons, and it will reauire a restart to get it back to working normal again.

I understand this description is not really useful for bug fixing. So my question is, how do i report this buggy behavior? Is there some logging software that i need to install? WHat info do i need to collect so i can send something useful when reporting the bug?

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Hmm… That could be the sound card but to be sure the best way to report stuff is to contact support@neuraldsp.com and they’ll be able to sort you out. @SebaPinilla can fill you in on details as to what info you might need to collect before e mailing. Cheers!


Hello thereeee!

What about your settings? What audio interface are you using? Mac or Windows?

Let me know :smiley:

Hi there,

Im using a IK Multimedia Stomp i/o as audio interface
Windows 10 on a Delll with Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU
16 GB Ram

My guess is it has something to do with the delay, it sounds like it is trying to “delay” the sound but get stuck in a loop it can’t process. Not sure, but let me know what data you need and i will try to provide it.


Hey there!

Please, check if the buffer size is short enough. Also, make sure to select the correct audio driver at the AUDIO SETUP menu :wink:


Audio interface is correct (ASIO4ALL). ik can try to change the buffer size, see if it makes a difference.

Thing is, the plugin sounds awesome, and it only happen after i’m playing for more than aprox. 20 minutes. Before that, it just works awesome. Restarting will also fix the problem.

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I have the same exact issue!!

Please, don’t use ASIO4ALL. Try another audio device type.

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@ivar.koster and @kaustubhdutt Hope I can post this, so I do not have to rewrite this. Agree, asio4all is not good, and very old, and its known for causing driver conflict. No wonder since its not been updated for 10+ years. But still, its a shame that IK Multimedia recommend asio4all to their pc customers, instead give pc users a proper asio driver as other interface manufactures give their customers. But I think its good that the shame about iRig stomp IO came out in full. IK Multimedia, they do say; its ready for pc when its really not, it misses a real asio driver for pc. There is a fix, using something new that just came out that will set you free from asio4all.

The best will of course be to have a proper interface that actually make their own asio driver fitted specially for their interface device. iRig stomp IO does not have that, instead they guide their pc users to asio4all, shame on IK Multimedia.

No problem for mac and ipad, they do not need asio driver, but pc user need that!

Here is the thing you can do, a guide to a better asio driver that I wrote. The group is open, so no problem reading it, and hope it helps and make you rock :slight_smile:

Hi there. Interesting, I think I just experienced something similar yesterday. At first, input started becoming weak, causing a sort of like digital distortion-like tone, signal cutting in and out.
I’m using Apollo 8 (+several Apollo interfaces in cascade) and since the UA software allows direct monitoring of the input, so I checked there. Weak signal issue/distorted interruption cannot be heard there, it was just happening on Nolly standalone app.
I’m running on macOS 10.14.4 + Apollo 8.

Hello, @sho_abuk. Please, contact support@neuraldsp.com explaining your issue (if you haven’t already). Don’t forget to include details of your setup.

Oh shoot, I’ve actually experienced the same when loading Archetype Nolly as a VST in Ableton. It will play fine for a while and then all of a sudden the track will stop producing sound. Rebooting Ableton will fix it, or tweaking some knobs in the VST itself (such as switching from Mono to Stereo and back) seems to fix it as well. Odd. I’ve never experienced anything like this with Bias or Guitar Rig, or anywhere else within Ableton within the last year, so at this point my only guess is that it’s something to do with this specific plugin.

I’m on macOS Mojave 10.14.5, Live Suite 10.1.6 on Nolly 1.0.1

Have the exact same issue loss of sound it bit like a fading tube roughly every 30 mins or so.

Hi guys,

I´m facing the same problem. After 40/50 minutes playing with Nolly, the output level starts to become weak (sounding as a fading Ampli as mentioned). After close/open again the app, everything is fine. Do you find a solution for this problem ?

My setup : Scarlet 2i2 -> Beyerdynamic DT240 Pro
w10 on a Dell G5 i7-9750H CPU, 8GB RAM

Best Regards,

Just notice this same “fading tube” bug here.

First with Plini and I thought was something to do with my cables etc…
And now just happened to Nolly.

My Setup: UAD Arrow -> Macbook Pro 2.4 Ghz Quad Core i9, 32 GB Ram.

Anyone found a solution yet?

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Funny - I noticed this with the trial just after it came out. I didn’t buy it at the time because of this bug. Picked up Nolly for half price today in the hope that perhaps the bug has been fixed. Not only has it not been fixed, it seems no one wants to acknowledge that it exists - should have checked the forum I guess. In any case, I can assure you, it exists - probably on almost all setups. However, you have to leave it long enough - typically more than a half hour - before the problem will manifest itself. The manifestation is that the sound will fade out to a very low volume and distort in a way that sounds like a digitized signal with very few quantization levels. I have only observed it on amp #1, the Bogner, so far, but I haven’t left the others on long enough to notice - yet. I will check this over the next few days.

I will send an email to support however I wanted to post this to reassure others that not only does this bug exist, it isn’t their system that is at fault. I have a hundred percent confidence in the setup I am using - drivers, host setup, audio interface, guitar, cables, etc. - I have used this setup live for 3+ hour shows over the last couple of years and I have never once run into this problem with any other plugin. This problem is a bug. My guess is that you have either a memory leak or a race condition. Both can be tricky to find and they don’t always show up on everyone’s setup. Anyway, here’s hoping that Neural DSP can fix this at some point. This plugin sounds fantastic when it is working.

This bug exists indeed. It was confirmed that they are working on the fix for the next update.

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This is excellent news! Looking forward to the next update!

I’ve found that I lose sound when using a custom IR, simply turning that IR off/on tends to fix the issue.

anyone have any solid clues as to when this might be fixed? i just bought nolly specifically to record using the clean amp head and it’s useless due to it being unstable/unreliable.

i’m kind of shocked that it’s been 8 months that people have been reporting this bug and it’s yet to be fixed. this isn’t a minor bug. :man_shrugging: