Archetype Nolly Reverb Bug

I’ve found a small but annoying bug using Nolly in Reaper - the reverb always defaults to a higher setting when you reopen a file. So you reopen your project and find your guitars have too much reverb until you open Nolly, turn the nob and fix it. Would be great if that bug can be fixed. Anyone else noticed that?

Yep, have been having the same reverb bug in Logic Pro X as well for months, every-time I open the session the reverbs are all over the place. Disengaging and engaging the reverb pedal in Nolly’s plugin seems to fix it, but it’s a real pain in the neck, had to do it on several tracks every time. Also now and again I get some strange sound fluctuations in the plugin where it sounds like the input gain gets quieter by itself, while there is no gain automation used in the project.
I really hope developers will fix this soon, posted about this before. I’ve stopped using Nolly’s plugin for as it’s been too unreliable for now, shame as the sound of the plugin is awesome. Please fix it.


Right, it’s the same problem with delay as well as reverb. You have to turn it off and on again to get your settings back, plus you have to turn “ping pong” off and on again to get that to engage. I hope these bugs get fixed fairly soon.

yes… the reverb does that in standalone to, and the ping pong thing to

I suspect it’s the preset saving that’s buggy, I have noticed that if I set custom IR’s they don’t allways load correctly. They load for the active cab but sometimes the other cabs have no IR at all even if I know they had when saving the preset.