As the subject, will be nice, expecially for DESK situation, to have a COUNT-IN before the first recording inside the Looper .

Doesn’t your DAW have that option? That is where you would want a count-in IMO as the QC doesn’t record except for the looper unless that is what you are referring to?

I have updated the post :sunglasses:.

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Do you know that once you hit record, it doesn’t immediately start recording until you start playing? Maybe this is a solution for you already?

Yes i know, but i notice a gap / cut sometimes ,so i Will prefer a count of 4 with the tempo of the presets :+1:.

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True, I noticed the cut as well, which is why I disabled the option. This feature goes hand in hand with adding a click/metronome to the QC, which I hope will happen soon cause it’d make a big difference to working with the looper, IMO

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