Advanced looper

The looper is great but I think it could be so much more. I would like to see the ability to set a tempo and then have a count in. Great for playing live to a loop. Is there a click anywhere in the QC? Almost as important as the tuner. It should be everywhere def in the looper. Layers ( tracks ) and the ability to label them. Multiple songs not just one that gets deleted every time you record. So let’s say I have a preset with clean guitar and I want a backing track for a song. It stays with that preset but then in another one a heavy preset I have a different loop for a different song. Copy/ paste the loop to another preset lock a loop to keep for live gigs. Download loops just like captures and presets. People could make backing tracks and we could download and jam/ practice to. You could even do guitar lessons and with the 1/2 speed features it could help people learn. Imagine the QC as a guitar learning tool. Also more in the slow down/ speed up parameters. I am new to the QC so if anything I’ve mentioned is already there my bad.