Looper Issue

I’ve been using the looper and its been great for the very simple things I use it for. Tonight I started recording a backing rhythm line by tapping the E button, and when I finished the line, I tapped (or I thought I tapped, button F to start playing it. What played instead was just part of what I thought I recorded. I didn’t exceed the time limit as the line was only about 30 seconds or shorter.

No I have the E button with a red dot and white text that says “ARMED”
The F button is greyed out, along with A, B, D, and G.
Half Speed and ReDo are available

There’s a white message near the top of the screen that says, “WAITING FOR SIGNAL”

What I messed up. I can’t get it to record anything the way I’ve been doing it for weeks. Im stuck in some weird mode and don’t know how to proceed.

Thanks for any advice.

I kinda figured this out, well, I got it working normally again, anyway.

Somehow the Threshold knob had set a -40 db . I never touched that knob nor viewed that screed where one would set the Threshold. But I did set it back to 0 and all is working normally again.

Some type of glitch occurred that set the threshold to -40. Not sure what.

Thanks for the update. There haven’t been any reports of the threshold changing automatically as of yet and I personally use the looper a majority of the time for tweaking presets etc. If it occurs again, please reach out directly to NDSP support@neuraldsp and they will get you sorted.