Scene for looper

Hey community,
Does anyone know if there’s a way to create a scene that would pull up the looper open and ready to loop.
I’m not seeing it, perhaps not possible.


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There isn’t for now, to my knowledge.
My trick is to use a short MIDI cable to connect the In and Out, so you can send specific MIDI messages (like opening the Looper) via a footswitch, effectively grouping a scene change and pulling up the looper. A bit of a hack, and it only works provided you’re not using your MIDI in/out for anything else.

Also, have you checked the new Hybrid mode in CorOS 2.0? That has solved the issue for me, because I can have the top row dedicated to scene changes and the bottom row in stomp mode, to call the looper.

Thank you! Did you make a YouTube video about explaining this method? If so, it was a great and I love your playing!
I’m using the QC as a dual source preamp blender/ effects unit, DI. The looper is so handy and sounds great, my main thing is it’s sort of clumsy to have to open and then close as I jump around between other stomps and or scenes.I’m afraid I’ll hit the wrong switch, as I did on my first gig with it. I’m going to give it a go again tonight. The “hack” mode is cool because you never go to performance mode, as I see it.
One thing I’ve had happen more than a couple times, pretty scary. With the looper running the output lights up solid red out of nowhere and everything locks up.
It’s not an actual signal clipping issue.
It just locks up with No signal at all, you have to reboot.

Have you ever seen this?