Change Presets With MIDI in Logic

Is there any documentation on changing presets from a midi channel in Logic?

I am using Archetype Plini on a channel and want to switch between clean and dirty presets during a mix. I tried learn mode and midi mappings but logic does not seem to send the midi commands to the AU.

Some screenshots are attached. Any help is much appreciated!

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 18.02.41|690x157

Hello @patrick-5269. Does it work with the standalone version? Which MIDI controller are you using?

Thanks for the reply.

Yes it does after going into the standalone’s settings and selecting the midi controller (a Studoplogic SL88).

I really want to add a midi track in logic and send Program Change events to recall the presets. It looks like the midi events are not routed to the AU/PlugIn.

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It should be easier to make preset changes with notes if you’re using a keyboard.

Do you want to send PC events to automate preset changes or to switch presets in real-time by using the controller?

The keyboard was just for a test. I’d like to make a midi track with program change events that change the plugin’s presets.

Currently I have two instances of the plugin on my channel strip and automate turning them on and off. It would be much cleaner and use less resources to have only one instance of the plugin.

What I don’t understand is how to send the program change event from the midi track to the plugin. It seems like just transmitting on a midi channel is not enough (or something is not set up right).

Have you tried using notes on the MIDI track to change presets? You can use the MIDI learn function from your keyboard first to check if you can change presets using note events.

Haven’t tried notes yet. I think my laptop is having some general issues with midi that I need to address first. Thanks for your help!

No problem! Remember that you can contact for further assistance.