Zoia utility features

I think it would really open up some possibilities if there were lfo’s, asdr, line delays, envelope followers etc. It would be great to be able to use lfo’s and envelope followers to manipulate parameters of the other modules. I don’t write software but i also can’t imagine that these types of utilities use up that much computational power.

Alternatively, or as well, the ability to use incoming midi to change individual parameters.

That would be a great feature. Until it gets added, I’ve been using one of these in the XP input: old blood noise endeavors — Expression Ramper

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That’s a cool device and something I might pick up at some point. But I’ve kind of blown my gear budget for the time being lol.

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I have two of the Expression Rampers on my board controlling the QC. They are great.


Also, this feature was suggested here as well. LFO,GATE,ENV assignable on module parameters

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Sweet. Sorry, i thought i had searched to see if had been brought up. Let’s combine the threads! This machine sounds so good but I’ve really been pretty dissatisfied with its limitations. My fault for not doing as much research as i should have but hopefully some of the big holes in capabilities will be addressed

No worries at all. I’m glad there are others who could use this feature.