Latency and static noise

Hey! I’m using a Behringer UM2 U-Phoria which is connected to a Windows 11 PC. There is a lot of background noise - that hsssss sound - and the sound also is lagging just a tad behind. I put the buffer in 288, this is where I get the “best” result, but it’s still not great. I have uploadede a screenshot of my settings in the standalone and ASIO4all.

What can try out to fix this?

I would suggest lowering the sample size to 128 or lower if possible and check to see if Behringer provides a specific driver for their UM2 U-Phoria interface.

I have the driver install and also tried going down from 288 to 128 in that together with the stand alone. When it gets below 288 the volume disapears for ca a half to a whole second.

So they use the opensource ASIO4ALL as their driver? I might suggest contacting Behringer support as well and or look at your current PC specs etc., to ensure you have supported gear.

I see you have both inputs from your interface feeding the plugin, maybe turn off the one your guitar isn’t in. It won’t help the lag, but if anything like a microphone is in the other input it can be really noisy.

Alright I will try hearing what Behringer support says :slight_smile:
My PC is <1 years old and it got fairly good hardware to play fx demanding games or multitasking, so I believe it should be capable of handling this task.

Will try that. Thanks :slight_smile:

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