Nolly Trial having issues with tones

So on the trail the sounds im getting are no where near how amazing they should sound. My distortion sounds have a muddy fuzz to them. Is this due to my PC or my Presonus Audiobox USB? i still have a bit of latency but i believe that might be my pc. Are the sounds highly impacted by pickups? I am super interested in Neural Dsp and the quad cortex and i am trying to dive into a new territory of plugins.

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Hello @pbach86. It could be due to multiple factors. Please take a look at our debugging guide for common issues:

Remember that you can also contact for further help regarding your issue.

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Thank you I fixed my latency. And this post helped a ton. I think my main issue now is im running sound through my Head/Cabinet. I cant figure out how to get sound through my wireless headset…Its my drivers are are locked into spakers only, or do i just unplug my pc speakers? Which i will add are trash speakers. Will i get more HQ sound getting Studio monitor speakers? I guessing that is the preferred way to use these.

You should be able to connect almost any speaker or headphones to your Audio Interface (Keep in mind that our products require an audio interface to work properly).

Most Audio Interfaces include a headphone output in the front to connect your headphones while having speakers connected through the outputs at the back of the unit.