Kemper Capture Request: Scott Scarstairs Pack

Has anyone made a capture of the Scott Scarstairs Kemper Profile pack? I watch his stream and his tones from that pack are so nice.

Short answer is doubtful . You could very easily find a large range of hi-gain sounds within the factory QC captures or on the neural cloud and then tweek them to taste. Long answer…You would be capturing a profile. The problem is part of the that Kemper pack sound is the profile in combination with the fx…it’s part of the sound as a whole. You do a proper capture, you would need to remove the reverbs and delays in the Kemper pack and capture the dry sound only and then use the QC reverbs and fx to simulate whatever ambience is in the Kemper Scott is using and since QC algos and engine for reverbs and delays is different, it’s not going to sound the same. Kemper is Kemper and has it’s own sound and dynamic response to Scotts guitar. A QC capture tone might be similar but dynamically in response would never be exact. I own QC but I keep my Kemper because there are literally a million sounds and rigs for it. -Best

Cool, makes sense. Fucking love Scott’s tone. I’ll have to find a way to emulate it on the QC.