Selling Amp Captures

I just pre-ordered the QC via Sweetwater. Does it allow me to sell the capture of my super rare amplifiers?

There are 3rd party vendors that sell
And will likely sell QC captures as well so yes it is allowed
It will come down to how desirable the amps on offer are and most importantly how well the selller can capture the amps

Yeah just going to be up to you to do the marketing and distribution on your own. Just like how it goes with Kemper. I doubt Neural is going to facilitate a marketplace for selling captures.

Do you have already experience how this could be done with the QC?

No, nobody is going to have experience with that yet since the QC obviously does not exist in the wild yet. Also, I have not profiled anything with a Kemper.

If you want pointers, I suggest getting involved in the Kemper forums and asking people over there for some tips as well as taking a look at how some of the big and small profile pack sellers have done it.

There is no indication that Neural is going to be involved in third party sales like this, and neither is Kemper. So you should expect to be on your own to try to create and process sales.

Also, if I were going to spend the time capturing/profiling a bunch of amps for commercial purposes, I would also pick up a Kemper and switch back and forth between it an the QC for each setting that I was going to capture/profile so you can kill two birds with one stone. FWIW the QC market is going to be significantly smaller than the Kemper for a long time just because of 1) of the sheer unit count of the number of Kempers already out there, 2) the fact that the QC offering a respectable list of modeled amps, which will reduce the needs for additional amp captures for many or maybe most users, and 3) Neural’s plan for their integrated community site to enable people to easily and freely share their captures and presets, which sounds like it could be pretty slick in theory.

The other thing , and not to discourage you but you will be going into a pretty crowded market , with people like tone junkies , choptones LRS that already have established themselves and their brand w kemper owners and have A few years experience