Just received a bill from UPS for import fees to US

Hi, I live in the South Florida USA. Got my bill from Neural last week. Paid it right away.
Then a few days later I received the shipping information that it shipped UPS.
I’ve been tracking it and it’s due to arrive tomorrow. Now I just got a bill from UPS for import fees of $60.00. Anyone else receive this ???

Maybe I should have just bought it ffrom Sweetwater. No shipping or tax. And they seem to be only weeks away from receiving their units???

This is on Neural’s website about US customers not being charged import duties.

Are you being scammed?

Sweetwater does charge tax if the state you live in has the internet sales tax. this became a thing a couple years ago.

No, I am not being scammed. It has all the correct information from the Neural order. Tracking order. number etc.

My state does not have internet sales tax.

Completely off topic.

yep… one of the few things I miss about FL.

Odd. My device cleared customs a few hours ago and from what I’ve read that indicates that no duties are outstanding.

Hi, where are you located?

I’m in Colorado

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Highly unusual since it’s less that $2000 but I have heard of it happening. I would call UPS since if there is a charge it would be paid to them. I would not do anything from the email until talking to them. Did you buy a number of things from overseas in the past few months? Just asking as that could possibly have triggered a flag. Technically they can charge for any amount but unless it’s for resale they usually do not for items under $2000. It was recently raised from $1500. I only know this because I had to talk with a customs agent about a shipment late last year. If you get a decent agent like I did you might get it waved. Just a quest here. This normally seems to happen in areas that pass through customs instead of going through a large UPS hub that has assigned agents. Does your tracking show customs as a destination?

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I received an email as well that it cleared customs. And no mention of any duties due then.
Now that it’s schedule for tomorrow delivery I just received the email late today.

I haven’t bought anything overseas in some time. I will call UPS in the morning and try to clarifiy this.
I only purchased the QC, nothing else so the amount was $1399.00. Paid the other $200.00 when I signed up for the pre-order. Thanks for the response and information.

I live in CA. Unit is due to arrive tomorrow Friday, and I received a notice that it had cleared customs. No charge has been levied against me.

Speak to Neural.

There was updated Shipping / Import Duty info in this news post: Quad Cortex Import Duties & Tax Information

But it does say that they were not anticipating any import duty for the US (and since you’ve already said your state doesn’t collect Sales Tax, that shouldn’t be it either.

There was a clerical error with units shipped to the UK where there was supposed to be no import duty, but UPS asked for it to paid anyway. Everyone who was affect was told to pay UPS the import duty and then Neural issued them a refund for the amount paid. So I’d contact Neural and see if they’ll do the same in your case.

HI, thank you for the information. I did contact Neural. They are looking into it.
But so far it seems like I am the only one so far in the US that has had this issue.
It’s due to be delivered today. I am in the process of calling UPS brokage & billing to speak to them directly. If I don’t get it cleared up. I will just have to pay it and sort it out later with Neural.
Don’t want them to not deliver it .

I just paid the import duties after being on hold with first, UPS ,then their Brokage and billing department. useless, their overseas operators, useless. another supervisor, useless. US operator, useless. Not a great end to this. Let’s see if they can fu** up the delivery too.

Delivery 15 mins ago in CA. No added tax.

I got mine today to. Fort Wayne, IN (home of Sweetwater) no duties as far as I know so far. I have found several huge bugs though with the Cortex. Like I can load up any of the Factory Captures. Thats the only thing I really wanted it for. Huge bummer.