Issues with powering the quad cortex with a strymon zuma and cioks crux

Hello everyone! First post and im probably making things more difficult than they need to be but any help is appreciated!

I have a strymon zuma and found a post about using the cioks crux to power the QC. I had a zuma (for my other pedals) and didnt want to change ‘ecosystems’ and saw a post on here that the cioks would work with the 24V out on the zuma even though its designed to work with the DC7.

I emailed strymon and they said that the 24V out is only meant to be used with the ojai and that I would power the crux at my own risk with potential voiding of the warranty.

The crux outputs max 24W (12V at 2A). The Ojai has 5 outputs (9V, 0.5A = 22.5W). So the crux is drawing more that what the zumma is designed for. Strymon did mention that the outputs can provide a bit more juice at 0.53A to account for any drops and that brings the total up to 23.85W which is still less the crux.

Strymon also mentioned that you could potentially overload the zuma if you maxed out all capacity of the outputs as well as connect an ojai and max out that too. Seeing as Im maxing out that 24V output and planning on using some other pedals I just wanted to check this is okay. I have about 15Watts worth of other pedals connects which is still below the overall power draw of the zuma (48W).

That being said, I emailed cioks and they also said that the crux is only designed for the DC7 and that they wouldnt take any responsibility or validate any warranty issues with it being used with the zuma.

TLDR: Is the cioks crux okay to use with the zumma? Neither company condones this set up or will validate the warranty and doing some quick maths, it seems like the crux is drawing what appears to be more than the design limit of the zuma. Im not an electronics engineer so maybe im doing the wrong thing entirely.

Thanks for any help! Im sure this would be useful for others using a zuma

From the specs, I read that the coiks crux outputs 2A at 12V.
The Quad Cortex needs at least 3A at 12V.

Im successfully using the ojai w/ crux using the 24v.

Pic shown here… Cioks Crux power supply is finally out - #5 by Topherbass

I can also attest to caution with “too much” and this setup. Using 3 y adapters, i was powering a cali 76tx (18v), Eventide h90, & the QC. The black box (transformer?) was piping hot, like about to melt, hot. I no longer do that. Lol

True, the supplied plug is 3A 12V but people have used supplies with 2A and its been okay. If theres too little current it would just turn off. Theres another post that on here somewhere where some put a video measuring the current draw and if i remember rightly it ‘idles’ somewhere around 1.2A-ish and with the screen on max brightness it pulls 1.9A-ish. So I think the full power isnt being drawn and it should be okay but I dont know much about this stuff so I wanted to check if this rationale was okay what with the crux being drawing a little too much power.

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oh really?! sounds like you caught it in time! This is the thing, id love a simple set up where I have just one plug to power everything but >£300 in power supplies (Zuma and crux) isnt worth it if its going to overload them. I may as well stick with the supplied power and save some money although im not relaly a fan of the supplied plug. My zuma gets hot too which is what started me looking into it. If it helps Im just running the QC through the zuma and crux and a bigsky and timeline through the zuma (and some cheap amazon LED’s but these can be removed). I think all together its about 30 watts of power (minus the LED’s) but the majority of that is going through the crux.

So I guess a follow up question would be: Is the heat okay? Some power bricks get hot when theyre used anyway and its just how they work. This is when i resorted to the math haha, so is the heat okay or a warning sign of the power supply struggling?

My quest started with “one cord to rule them all” now? I dont care. Whatever works. My live setup is simpler than my studio rig, hence demands are much less. The qc & cali76 with the power supply shown in other post (ojai/crux). For studio, ill plug anything needed while using the qc (i.e smaller pedals like darkglass vmt / sansamp bddi / volante) that dont seem to be power hungry. The H90 nope. I think common sense works here. If u can smell it, smoking, melting, or just too hot to touch falls into “no brainer category” which in my case…. Lol

I’ve been using s Strymon Zuma and Ciox Crux to power the QC for the last year. No poser issues at all.

Thanks for the feedback! Are you using any other pedals through the zuma whilst powering the QC?

A few, but no particularly power hungry ones: TC Ditto, Digitech Obscura and Ricochet, Boss TU2 and a Disaster Area Midi controller.

Thanks for posting, its good to get an idea of much of the power capacity everyone is using when having this set up.

Hey there,

I have been using the Zumba with the crux to power my QC and it’s fine. Every now and the. I will power up one or 2 pedals and an AU audio interface through the zuma and no issues at all.

In theory with the zuma you could run 9 pedals at 500ma each + the expansion kit, which would give you an extra 5 outputs at 500ma each. All up 7A… I think.

Just be mindful of what other pedals you hook up to the zuma and stay on the safe side… that should keep you out of trouble.

Dope, I just ordered a QC and I also own a Strymon Ojai R30, still works fine for you? Also, with the Crux, are you able to run any other pedals? I just want my H9 in a loop after my QC.

Zero problems. My setup is shown (with the exception of cali76 tx which is 18v) here p395.

Ojai/crux powers cali, volante, & qc. For the h90 i use a separate supply. Too much draw, it got piping hot (melting hot). Sometimes more is worse.

great to hear, you dont have issues with the QC overheating anymore? what solved that?

Qc never overheated. Just the strymon supply (transformer/ black box thing) when using the h90 got really hot. Once i took out the h90 it was cool too touch. But to be safe i rigged a cooling fan on my board.

Have you found success with just the QC and the H90?

I looked it up and the volante draws 9v at 300mA, Cali 76 tx 9v at 100mA.
My H9 does 9v 500mA, H90 9v 800mA.

Hoping that just my H9 wouldn’t cause it to overheat.

I don’t recall trying. Im pretty clingy to the cali76-tx. Its always on and will never leave me (til death do us part). It has its own transformer and runs at 18v.

* Electrical engineer has entered the chat *

The outputs on the Ojai R30 are rated for 9V 500 mA, and the H9 is rated at 9V 500 mA… You’re probably fine to use a single output on the Ojai, but it would be safer overall to use a parallel cable (sometimes called a “current doubling” cable).

This would use two outputs on the Ojai to provide up to 1000 mA at 9V. This way that H9 will pull what power it needs without stressing out the Ojai.