Cioks Crux power supply is finally out

I have been using the Cioks DC7 with the adapters, but the Crux is way simpler and cleaner, plus you get your 4 outlets on the DC7 for other pedals back.

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I have been hearing good things about the Cioks Crux so glad it’s working well for you!

To the community (a for the record)… I purchased the CIOKS Crux (to power the Cortex), which is plugged into the Strymon Ojai R30 (already owned it), and it works together flawlessly, no issues. One plug to rule them all.


Just wondering how you do this. Would the Cioks Crux also work with my Stryman Zuma to power my QC? Can you add some insight as to how to set this up? Thanks!

Yes. In your case (zuma), you connect a 24v connector into the port all the way to the right, into the crux that supplies power to the crux, the other connector goes to your cortex. Super easy.

Picture shows my ojai r30

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I forgot to mention,

If my memory serves, all the connectors are included. Just make sure the crux is set to 12v, otherwise it wont work and…

Welcome to the forum… there is an unbelievable amount of good content coming from some well informed people.

Thanks for the info. I was thinking I’d have to sell my Zuma and pick up a Cioks DC7. My other option was a SweetfootPedal Quad-3 power supply which can also run the QC. The one down side there though, is I’d have to run another power cable to my pedalboard. Thanks again!

Just one more question. Unlike you Stryman Ojai, my Zuma only has a 24v out. It doesn’t have a 24v thru like yours. Will that be a problem.

I do not believe it would be a problem. The zuma gets its power from the back. Im assuming that the “through” vs “out” is the same thing (power out). But if you wanted to be 100% you could always reach out to strymon and ask them.

I had actually reached out to Strymon support yesterday and was told they hadn’t tested the Crux with the Zuma and to do it at my own risk. My warranty would be voided. I kind of expected that response though.
Thanks to you I definitely have a better understanding of how this will work. I didn’t realize that your Ojai’s 24v In input in actually goes to the power adapter. The Zuma should work. Thanks!