Show small scene icon in Stomp Gig View

Like in the Grid view, include the small scene icon in the Stomp Gig View. This is needed if you use a separate MIDI controller to switch scenes while leaving QC in Stomp mode and when showing Gig view. Otherwise the MIDI controller can change the scene, but you don’t have any indication of what scene you are in.

I was just thinking about this last night.
What midi controller are you using, was it a real pain to setup?

I’m using a Morningstar MC8 because its 8 switches match up well with the QC 8 scenes. Its expensive, but extremely well designed, great flexibility and a PC app for easy editing. Only took a few minutes to get it configured to controll all QC scenes while QC stays in Stomp mode. Its another thing to power and connect, so I might have to think about a pedal board I guess.