Is this just me?

So I’ve had some time to spend with the qc. Used it in a few live settings. Captured an overdrive pedal, used that live. All sounds good.

The problem I’m having, or maybe it’s not really a problem as much as an observation, is every time I sit down with it and create a new preset, I get the sense that it sounds considerably better than the last. I save them all so I go back through and listen to the old ones and wonder why I ever used it at all.

I’m wondering if this phenomenon stops and if anyone else has experienced this. Is it just due to becoming more familiar with the thing and at some point you find a particular setting or way of making presets that levels off the variation.

Any thoughts?

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I find that I just keep refining my tone endlessly. Not complaining, just it keeps inching a bit better.

And yes, I would probably cringe at the tone I had a year ago compared to now.

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I think it’s about getting used to the device & learning how to get the very best out of it. As with anything, it requires some knowledge & experience in the first place &; on top of that, there’s a learning curve/experimentation required regarding the specifics of the QC itself (as is the case with any new piece of equipment be it analog or digital).

There’s also the fact that there’s a whole lot to deal with when you first get a new piece of equipment like the QC. To begin with people will be dealing in broad strokes but, as time goes on, they will start to zone in on more of the specifics - all the time refining & improving their understanding of how to get the best out of the unit (perhaps without even realising it).


I feel the same after owning for over a year now. I honestly think it’s just simply becoming more aware of the tones and how to achieve them. My first presets were good (I think) but as I progressed, my presets/captures started to vastly improve with more knowledge. I find myself adding low/hi cuts then refining existing presets frequently. It’s an endless circle and I love it!


This happens to me all the time with all the modelers/ profilers. I love the quad The feel and sound and the feel are the best imo but at the end of the day my favorite will always be a great amp and pedals but the quad comes next.

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