User feedback on QC Effects quality and ‘Amp-like-feel’ factor please:)

I’m almost pressing the ‘go’ button BUT for two things:-

Some uTube comments (interestingly and importantly from NON paid uTubers) question the quality of QC effects. I’m concerned to hear this, but keen to hear from people who actually have the thing. So as an example, how would the more ambient effects match Eventide H9?

In addition, I’ve read some people talk about improvements in the “amp-like feel” … this is very important to me … I’d rather lug a tube amp around than suffer in feel and poor response under the fingers with a modeller, and believe me I’ve had a few of those. So … users … would you say the QC really is an improvement in the feel factor, or not ?

Be honest, if I press the button I will have to justify this to my wife at some time.

You do realize, that the QC is not out, yet? So as much as we all would love to answer that question, apart from some lucky YT guys and beta testers, nobody has a QC at this point. Last info regarding shipping dates indicate something like late March/April if I recall correctly (see corresponding post for that).

Ha ha, actually I wasn’t sure about that, I suppose the fact that i had seen a non-paid uTuber made me feel QC may have released somewhere in the world. Thanks for putting me right.

No worries, guess we all kinda wish it would already be out :smile: