Downloads sound dull and lack any high end quality?

Hello QC users, after two years of ownership, still feeling frustrated with downloading Presets from fellow users. Every preset that I download sounds terribly dull and lacks any high-end quality whatsoever. I follow people like Corey Wong and others on YouTube and their presets sound better coming through my TV than when I download their presets onto my quad cortex. I know my way around the QC pretty well but can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong. Any suggestions how to to solve this problem would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.

Maybe the speaker or headphones you are using is different then theirs.

Even using my DAW to studio monitors, using both powered and unpowered head phones or a powered FRFR. The results are the same? My friend who has a QC has the same problem. Thanks for responding

Check your input impedance setting. If it’s too low, you could get loss of high end.


Thanks for the suggestion, but I’ve already tried that with little success. I’ve owned the QC for a couple of years and have gone through about every iteration I can think of. I’m only using the amps that I have profiled myself. Any of the stock presets or the presets from QC website sound dull and muted. If you don’t mind try downloading some of Cory Wong‘s presets and tell me if it sounds like a real chimmey fender twin? Both my friend and myself have had the same lack luster results and I’m wondering if anyone else is having the same problem? Thanks again. Trying

Give me an example of a preset you think sounds dull and I’ll check it out.

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Hi Jim, I’ve owned and sold a lot of processors. Generally I find most or all the factory presets sound terrible especially the clean tones like a Fender, or Vox. I guess I’m picky, but not deaf, haha! Anyway, I’m good for now that I know how to correctly use a global EQ.

Hello, I have exactly the same problem. Both the factory presets and the downloads sound very bad. I have FRFR laney112, line6 catalyst, for headphones, they all sound equally bad.
I have partly solved it with EQ… I placed 2 EQs in series after the cab.
First I place the Parametric-8, filtering all frequencies below 100Hz and above 5.5 Khz… I also use this filter to eliminate annoying noises (frequency couplings, resonances, etc.)
The second filter was the graphic-9, where I lowered almost everything to -12db below 500Hz, and highlighted the 1khz and 2khz frequencies (+4db).
You could try this preset and tell me (buscame como cokenavarro en la cloud)… I don’t know why I have to add so much filter to make it sound more or less good.

Hi Jorge, I’ve tried about every processor on the market and returned them all because their factory presets sound terrible. I purchased the QC believing in all their advertising hype but was gravely disappointed with their presets and their downloads. However, I decided to stick with the QC because it was easy to use and I hoped their presets would get better, unfortunately they have it. For the most part, I have profiled my vintage amps and have done OK with those. Through help of another QC user, he suggested I worked on the global EQ, and that has helped. I have attached a picture of my settings which you’re welcome to try and hopefully it will help with your overall sound. Good luck, Victor.

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