Is the QC as AI, good enough

Regarding a guitar/bass home studio use, i was thinking about the relevance of having an Apollo twin x and a QC at the same time (that’s what i have yet)
So, i wonder if the 4C would be good enough for mixing and mastering ?

I have an earlier Apollo Twin and still use it to send signal to my monitors. I’ll use my QC for guitar sounds and maybe other instruments, but some things I’ll send through the Apollo (and not use the QC) for a straight signal.

Of course it’s good enough for mixing and mastering. It has perfectly fine converters. Your audio interface has no effect at all on how your mix or master will sound, only on the monitoring.

when I made an A/B comparison with a track (from any world class Artis), it sound a little bit “trebly” with the quad or rounder with the Apollo, depend of the point of view, and the monitors are the same.

It’s probably just a volume difference or something like that. You haven’t really compared them if you didn’t do a blindfold test with the units volume matched.

I use my Quad Cortex as an audio interface via usb only for tracking guitar and bass do to its amazing routing options.Once tracked I switch over to my Apollo Twin.

What about latency? What about mic pre quality?