IR Scrolling

Not sure if this is a feature request or bug fix.

When you load IR’s from your QC directory in a cab block to demo them, when you use the right/left arrows (what you use to cycle mics when not using a custom IR) to cycle through what you loaded it scrolls through your entire IR directory, not just the IRs you loaded. So if you load 3 IR’s to demo, and use the arrows it may cycle through the 100s of IRs you have in your directory, not the ones you specifically loaded.

The workaround is to tap the IR name, swipe scroll to the bottom to tap select the IR’s you loaded. This is a tedious process, especially since you have to do it twice for both sides of the cab.

The arrows must be linking to the directory, not the specific IR’s loaded.

Side note, auto volume leveling in the cab block would be a great feature addition too. There is a notable volume drop if you only load one side of the cab. (Single mic vs dual mic or single IR vs dual IR) It makes it extremely difficult to just judge the tonal affects of using single vs dual mics or single vs dual IRs since you have to volume match every time. Auto leveling the cab block would be awesome.