Dedicated IR blocks

The method of putting IRs in at the minute is very clunky with having to go into the cab block and change the mic. It would be much more straightforward to be able to insert an IR block and when its clicked it opens up a list of the IRs saved on the device.

Agreed! It would also be great if the IR’s could be normalized to always be the same level

It would be great to have a dedicated block for loading IR’s. As it is now, it’s annoying to use the cabinet block, disable one of the mics and load the IR into the other slot.

Edit: it would also be great if we could adjust the gain of the IR beyond +_6db. Some of my IR’s are great but pretty quiet

Found another thread with this suggestion: Dedicated IR blocks

I voted there as it already has more votes. Please consider the same to reach more visibility to ndsp

Edit: Ah I see the topic was split, thanks!

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