In praise of the mini voicer, and the pitch tracking of the QC

Hey everyone. I’m pretty confident in saying I’m the only one in the group (or the world) that will use the QC primarily with an amplified bassoon.
Yeah, the orchestral woodwind.

Anyway, I just got my QC this week, and finally had a chance to run the bassoon through it (tested with guitar first just because that’s expected behavior). I’m very interested in pitch tracking capabilities, of which many pedals have issues with the bassoon’s lowest register.

The QC nails it. No issues at all. Spot on pitch recognition and tracking speed.

Now, if only I could create custom scale sets and have more voices with MIDI control this would be the ultimate beast.

Still working on a good distortion tone for bassoon, but I’ve only tried bass drives so far. No winners there yet.


It just so happens I specifically got the QC for my bassoon as well! Kidding! But I am sure we would all love to hear a sample of what the bassoon sounds like with FX etc. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen electric violinists use all sorts of guitar fx but never heard of a bassoon. Badass sir, ya gotta share some sound files so we can hear what it sounds like!!!

No recordings with the QC yet, but here are some things I have done in the last couple years using the Helix and more with the TC Helicon Voicelive 3.

(effects from Helix, looping on Voicelive)

(Effects on the Voicelive, backing track and MIDI cues from Ableton)
This one I’ll be able to switch to using the QC as it is, but would require some re-programming of things.


Awesome! Love it!

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That is incredible! Thanks for sharing! Since I have no knowledge regarding bassoons etc., I see the cables attached and wonder is that a pickup like device for the bassoon or is your bassoon already built with a pickup like system? I say pickup like a guitar but assume it would use some microphone setup? Just curious!

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I call it a pickup, but it’s kind of halfway between what we could consider a microphone and a pickup like you would use in an acoustic guitar. It’s of my own design, but used throughout the world actually. I hand make them. Anyway, the bassoon bocal (the bendy metal tube that points at my face) has to be modified to take the picup, and then I just rigged up a clamp to hold the preamp to the instrument so I didn’t have to put it on my belt.

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Wow, those vids are fantastic! I love seeing orchestral instruments’ boundaries being pushed. Sounds great dude