First gig with the QC - thoughts

Played my first gig with the QC last week and it went very well! I was so happy to show up to rehearsals and the gig itself with just a guitar and my backpack - which is a big reason why I bought the thing!!! I went direct to the PA in stereo and it came through the stage monitors. It sounded remarkably consistent with my home setup (running through my studio monitors) and I didn’t have to adjust any EQ or anything. I got plenty of complements on the tone - so much so, my other bandmates are looking to get one as well haha.

As far as the usability for a gig, I’ve always avoided “toe tapping” and I prefer hitting one button to switch a bunch of stuff on/off. I mostly used scenes throughout the performance and used the banks to go up/down songs in the setlist quite easily. For me, this worked perfectly. I didn’t find the need for hybrid mode or stomp mode. I can see why it’s useful though and have read users’ feedback about improving the unit for live use but for me personally, how I like to use it - it’s nearly perfect. I wish the footswitches were spaced a little further apart but it worked in a pinch. Plus, I still have my ol’ Voodoo Labs Ground Control I can set up (or Behringer FCB if I want to be really obnoxious) but I’m not gigging nearly as much as I used to.

Again, backpack + guitar = priceless. For the studio rat who plays the occasional gig this thing is worth its weight in gold IMO.

Great success!!!


That’s exactly my experience.


I’ve really been enjoying the tones from my QC and my presets are translating well through the PA at gigs. My main frustration has been with MIDI limitations.

Having to switch into Stomp mode (and back to Preset or Scene mode), in order to turn a specific FX block on or off has been quite tedious, especially while singing and running the PA. Now that I’ve come across a MIDI hack to control blocks from my MIDI controller, without (separately) changing modes, life has gotten much easier.


Yes, that’s also my main gripe a about the QC. Make sure to vote on the request link below, so hopefully we see a positive change in the near future !

I have not done a gig with the QC yet. I have the Helix Rack which I love as I can tweak without bending down to the foot controller. I would love a QC rack but since there is not one, I am going to have to do the midi foot controller thing. PickinPete, what controller are you using with the QC?

You can pretty easily mount the QC on a rack drawer. I have seen this with larger bands, then even usually a backup unit on a drawer directly below. Control then either by using some kind of midi pedal at the front of the stage or directly automated via midi from a computer.

this is the setup of one of the ghost inside’s guitarists for example

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Do you know what kind of floor controller they might use? I love being able to tweak with my hands and turn things on and off with my feet!
At this point I have my gigging rig which is a Helix integrated with Synergy tube stuff and have my QC as the spare. I would love to use the QC live and have the Helix rack as a spare. Soon…

The cheapest option I could find with access to all 8 A-H switches is the Harley Benton MP-100, for ~£100,

Ha, it used to say 10 programmable switches, but I contacted Thomman about it ages ago - the bank up and down ones can’t be programmed, and don’t do anything for the QC unfortunately. Looks like they’ve updated the blurb. You might be able to program a couple of the others to be preset up/down, sacrificing two, I didn’t think to try that as I wanted all 8 scenes accessible.

As a pointless bonus, it’s almost the same colour as the QC.

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Just google something along the lines of “programmable midi controller”, there are plenty of options of different sizes and price.

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Sorry, rwinking, I missed your question. I’m using a Hotone Ampero Control. It’s cheap, compact, and easy to program with my phone via Bluetooth. I may buy a second one to give me 8 buttons of MIDI control.

That Hotone (Ho-Tone?..Hmmm) looks really interesting. I would probably have to get two of them but that is still unbelieveably priced!
If price were no pbject, what would be the best foot controller out there? Do most of them have that option for using the wah/volume type Xpression pedals?
I am currently using the Helix rack which has a great foot controller. If I went to two Hotones, I might have to get some kind of pedalboard for those + one Xpression pedal.

I assume it’s pronounced "Hot Tone’ but it could be “Ho Tone” or “Hot Tony”, dunno. :laughing: I chose it mainly because it fit next to my Fractal AX8 but it’s been surprisingly good. It’s easy to program wirelessly via their app and it’s worked flawlessly for a couple of years now.

I just bought a second Ampero Control but haven’t installed it in my pedalboard yet as it’ll take some reconfiguration to fit it. I haven’t tried using the expression inputs on the Ampero so I can’t speak to how well they work with the QC.

Let me know if you’re looking for any more vague and inconclusive information…I’m your man!

some times I wonder if it’s “Hot One”

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Oooh, hadn’t thought about that one.

Could it be Ho Ho Ho Tone?

As I said earlier, I really like the foot controller for my Helix Rack. I found this one which is expensive, but has scribble strips and is similar to the Helix, where one can rename the buttons. Does anyone have any experience with it?

I can second that very same experience.
I use the FCB-1010 with the QC in a rack for metal gigs, the QC alone for everything else.

How have you programmed the FCB-1010? I have one with the Eureka chip but they didn’t include pre program for the QC. Do you have a working program. If so could you share your work with other FCB users?

Yes, sure I did. I have no idea what the Eureka chip is though.
I programmed it only using the device itself following how it is described in the manual.
Or are you referring to something else?