Quad Cortex pitch Shifter

Has anybody else found that the tone seems a bit rolled off when using the pitch shifter? (I’m using it to de tune by one half step, as some songs in the set require half step down tuning) otherwise it works great, the tonal difference is subtle, and I also can’t tell if the output seems a bit quieter or not. I’d love to hear others experiences with this that have used it!

It’s not a polyphonic pitch shifter, so chords are really weird with it. Tried comparing it to the Helix Poly Capo, Pitchfork and Drop. Was definitely the worst of the four. If you don’t believe how glitchy the QC pitch shifter is, just play on clean with it. They’ve advertised the QC having a “Drop” tuning effect but still haven’t added it after years. Somehow their plug-ins have that feature though.

There usually is a darkening to the tone when tuning lower with those pitch shifters. The Helix Poly Capo has an eq built into the effect to counteract that.

There is a drop facility however it’s ok at drop but not great with the capo effect. I think it’s in the Polyphonic Octaver and not a standalone effect. If it had a proper detune/capo effect I’d be stoked.

Polyphonic octaver is just ok for like blending in an octave up or down. Really wish they had a proper polyphonic pitch shifter

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