Help! output 3 is not working

I have no idea why. But it just isnt working. It worked fine the last time I played.

In the drop down menu, the outputs for 3 and 4 are identical, but I only hear sound from output 4

I am manually toggling the cable between output 3 and 4… when plugged into 4: sound. when pluuged into 3: nothing (I think I MAYBE heard a very faint noise when gain was very high)

THis is driving me insane. PLease help

Did a full factory reset… nothing

Long press on the output and make sure the level isn’t muted or level is too low, also try creating another preset using those outputs and see if it resolves. Usually muted channels are the culprit and or using splitters and mixers configured incorrectly. Worst case, email and they will get you sorted quickly.

Well… looks like it’s worst case then

Did you try any other outputs? 1,2?

Also how are you outputting to a PC or amp?

Did you check to make sure nothing is panned? And I know this sounds silly but maybe the cable?

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It’s not silly. I had 2 amps that I swore were broken and in need of tubes. It was the cable. It was the one thing I didn’t check because it was brand new. Sometimes it’s the adapter or the power strip and that one particular place that I have it plugged in is not working.

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