If I buy Neural DSP plugin will I have to pay for them again when they are released for Quad Cortex?


I’m posting in general because the question is about two different products, so I did not know where to post it.

My question is simple, I have read in the forums that Neural DSP is releasing their plugins for the Quad cortex. This is great, but, If we buy them as standalone software for mac/win, will we have to pay again to get it as a Quad Cortex extension?

Thanks in advance!

No! :slight_smile: You only have to purchase them once.

You got a new customer :). I was thinking about buying Neural or STL plugins. Both are awesome but this is what I need to decide. By the way is there any written document in the web showing this information? I really appreciate your confirmation but would like to see where is this information.


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From the Sweetwater page on the Quad cortex: Neural DSP Quad Cortex Quad-Core Digital Effects Modeler/Profiling Floorboard | Sweetwater