Possible Plug-in Port?

I’ve been seeing Sweetwater sell the QC with a Soldano plug-in as a bundle. I’m going to guess they’re selling them together because the SLO will be one of the first plug-in ports. I don’t really see why else they would pick that specific plug-in to bundle with the unit right now, unless it would be an early one that will be ported to the QC.

Sweetwater has been at the very least confused/inaccurate with their PR for the QC. At worst, deceptive. So I wouldn’t read much into this. If they’d used PLINI, which has been officially confirmed as in the first batch of plugins on their way to the QC I might be tempted to take it as a hint.


here’s the link: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/QuadCortexExBn--neural-dsp-quad-cortex-quad-core-digital-effects-modeler-profiling-floorboard-and-expression-pedal-bundle

I don’t think Sweetwater fucks around. This is a pretty good sign to me.

I’m not seeing where NDSP have said that the SLO-100 will be one of the first plug-in ports; only Plini. I’m not on Discord, though.

Anyway, I’m only looking at these Sweetwater package deals with the SLO plug-in as just a promotion to sell more stuff. They haven’t always had the most accurate info on QC, though they try. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

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I haven’t seen Neural say anything, but the their communication for the QC has been spotty at best until more recently. I’m not holding my breath, but thought maybe there would be a reason they’re including a certain plugin for free right around when the compatibility is going to be a thing.