QC- ONLY versions of plugins

I suggest that Neural consider offering paid, QC-only versions of the plugins- which can only be used on the Cortex, for a reduced price.

As the owner of multiple plugins and having preordered a QC, I’m pumped about seeing the plugins I own ported over. However, with the QC in hand, I don’t really see myself using VST’s - as the QC will for the most part- replace them in my workflow completely. As new Archetype and premium plugins get released - it would be sick if the QC port-only was made available at a reduced price, for those not interested in standalone / vst formats.

Being honest, at $100+ a pop, as a Qc owner I’d be less inclined to bite on a plugin, having already made a pretty big investment in the unit itself. But at say $50 or less, bringing those new plugins into my QC would become really attractive.