QC- ONLY versions of plugins

I suggest that Neural consider offering paid, QC-only versions of the plugins- which can only be used on the Cortex, for a reduced price.

As the owner of multiple plugins and having preordered a QC, I’m pumped about seeing the plugins I own ported over. However, with the QC in hand, I don’t really see myself using VST’s - as the QC will for the most part- replace them in my workflow completely. As new Archetype and premium plugins get released - it would be sick if the QC port-only was made available at a reduced price, for those not interested in standalone / vst formats.

Being honest, at $100+ a pop, as a Qc owner I’d be less inclined to bite on a plugin, having already made a pretty big investment in the unit itself. But at say $50 or less, bringing those new plugins into my QC would become really attractive.


I remember seeing somewhere that they will port the plugins and they will be available on QC for owners at some point in time.

Yes, that’s been confirmed. What I’m suggesting is special pricing for cortex owners to get the components of the plugins on their cortex - but NOT get the plugins on PC. Or maybe a special discount on plugins for cortex owners.

When they were a software-only company it was straightforward. Now that they offer hardware that can run the software, I feel like that changes things and would hope they consider options to bridge the gap between platforms

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i don’t know why they’d do it, but I’d like it. kinda feel like you on the topic

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Doug had mentioned at some point in some place the idea of offering a discount for cortex owners so I don’t think the idea is unreasonable / unrealistic. We don’t have the device yet, nor are the ports done, so it’s not really relevant just yet - this is just me forward-thinking out loud.

Some have argued the plugin models should be available for free on cortex, which would of course be great but I’m pretty sure it’s not that simple because there are 3rd parties involved (fortin, artists). Parallax, which is unique as an entirely ndsp developed product - I have definitely seen Doug mention the intention of porting and including it for free for all cortex users. With Darkglass as a sister-company, I would hope they could make arrangements so that plugin comes free too. But for the artists and Fortin, they’d have to work something out.

They already have agreements for royalties on the plugins,. Cortex-only versions of the plugins allows neural to negotiate a new agreement for royalties as its technically a new offering. Additional discounts for cortex owners on plugins would likely not be renegotiated with 3rd parties but instead come off neural’a bottom line. Again, this is probably damn near the last thing they need to worry about at this stage but it’s definitely going to come up at some point, so I wanted to throw my suggestion in the box. Worst thing they can say is ‘no’ so :man_shrugging:


could be something like ‘‘permanent loyalty reward’’
or you must buy the plugin through cortex cloud I guess.

but yeah, that would be a major plus IMO.

all their plugin (at full price) is near 1300$, almost a Cortex!

Just one note on what you said. Given that they can both model and capture the Darkglass pedals it would not make much sense IMO to include the DG plugin as it would mean a port, it would be much preferable just to capture them.
If I’m not mistaken the B7K is already on the models or captures list

Don’t be too sure they can capture dg pedals or any others that use parallel processing. I believe i read doug saying they can be problematic to capture.

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That’s nice to know.
In any case, the DG plugin only has the B7K and the Vintage and I just checked and both B3K and Vintage are on the device list

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The b7k neural plugin is pretty sick so i imagine it should be about the same on this device. I also heard they’re putting parallax on the cortex - and probably for free, unlike the other plugins, because it is the only neuraldsp developed plugin that involves zero third parties so they dont have to ask anyone else’s permission for licensing it out. It sounds a lot like my x7 but it’s definitely not the same. Plus we can do our own parallel processing from scratch on the cortex using any amps we choose, complete with all sorts of eq tools to shape it up, so as far as i can tell this might be the most versatile modeler for us bass folk.

BUT, if you really did want to capture a darkglass pedal - i think it might be possible by doing 2 captures - one with the gain disabled, the other with the lows down and comp disabled - and blend the 2.

I can’t wait to screw around with all this and flood the site with presets and captures.

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