I want to connect strymon stereo

I am trying to connect Strymon Timeline and big Sky through effects loop but in stereo. Any suggestions on how to do that?

Page 68 of the manual, but instead of using the FX Loop that’s just send/return 1, use the loop that is send/return 1&2

So if I do that does it automatically recognize it as stereo? I saw that in the usermanual, but it just referenced one send and return it did not reference stereo.

It recognizes two separate tracks, so it should be stereo. I haven’t done this myself yet on the QC, but that’s how it worked on the Helix and other devices, and I can’t imagine the workflow is much different here. It would be really dumb to not have it default to keeping the signals separate.

The bigger question are you running into a mono signal block after this? If so, your stereo is going to get summed. You have to continue the discrete stereo split after the return block all the way to your outputs.

The loops are mono, you’d have to run the pedals in series to get stereo but then you can’t change their relative order

So essentially if I sent from QC send 1 and 2 to the L and R in of the Strymon and then out from the L and R of the Strymon to the return 1 and 2 of the QC it would be stereo? I am then going out L and R xlr to the system.

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That is correct

Yes, plus you can daisychain the 2 strymons in stereo.