I know this is pushin it, but any chance of supporting AUv3 for iOS down the line?

Hey. First post here. Don’t know if these are moderated by people from Neural at all.

I’m experimenting with getting out of my studio and doing both mobile, and regular, recording on my iPad in Cubasis. There’s definitely still some ways to go for tablets to replace laptops in music production, but some developers (fab filter, eventide, etc) already make AUv3 versions of their flagship apps.

Archetype: Plini has some of the best cleans I’ve ever heard in a sim. I’d almost consider ditching my laptop entirely if something like that got support on iOS. Right now there’s bias fx and some others. They are fine, but it would be nice to have something excellent.

Just curious. Thoughts from the community?


Hey Sal! New user here as well, I just finished demo’ing all the NDSP plugs on a project I’m working on and am about to pull the trigger on several of them.

This is unrelated to your question, but regarding Plini, yes it’s a great sim and does have some amazing cleans, (particularly from that first amp model on the left is where the great cleans are coming from) it’s one of the ones I’m going to buy. But I think that the “perception” of those cleans is also enhanced by the lush reverb that’s on it.

I would like to encourage you to try out Cory Wong as well though (on sale right now), I find the clean tones in CW to be even be more pristine and articulate at times than Plini, when testing both with all the post effects disabled. Although to be fair, the CPU usage does seem to be fairly higher than Plini for me so far, particularly in stereo. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s the most CPU intensive plug they’ve released to date, at least on my system (W10, i7-6800k @4.3ghz, vst3, Studio One) so that might be something to factor in.

That’s the only true way to test clean tones IMO, because the quality is hard to tell when they are awash in tons of verb or delay (which can always be added after if you so desire)

Just some food for thought!