Please Port Plug-ins to iPad iOS

With Apple now fully transitioned to M1 macs and you having 2 plugins with native support for that (Imperial and one other I believe?) could you please port them to iOS. Make them only viable for iPad and M1 versions if you’re worried about people complaining about slow performance. I don’t think that’s a concern though. I have a 3 year old pro that I can load up with tons and tons of other plugins (IK Tonex, Nembrini) effects, loopy pro, IR loaders, etc at the same time and I don’t think I’ve had the CPU past 30%. In fact I think comparatively it’s more efficient than my brand new Studio Mac which is close to maxed out. I really love the flexibility of having just the iPad, interface and headphones. I don’t think it would be hard to do with the tools Apple makes available to devs and it would be an extra revenue stream for you.