Has anyone tried Neural DSP under rosseta 2 M1 Chips?

Hey guys!

Been catching you since i got the plini first day release! Amazing job and glad you guys are getting bigger.

Just a quick question in regards to the new apple silicon M1. Im about to head back to my country and probably stay there for the mean time. Ill be selling my main computer for recording and looking at the market for a laptop so that I can lug it around. Theres honestly no good pick except for Asus G14 and The new Macs.

Could anyone enlighten me on how the plugin runs on logic? I am no pro and not making any pro production. My main rig is running r9 3950x and Rx 5700xt (on Windows reaper and MacOS catalina). with Ur22mk2 and Motu M2. Both runs great and extremely convenient as my guitar is always plugged beside me.

Would the new macs do just that? I mainly run standalone for a few hours composing or learning then moving on to the DAW. Any latency issue due to it not running natively? Should I just skip the M1s for now?

If it does run, Does it sustain load? (cause I prefer the MBA with the FN keys and only sustained loads differ from the Air and the Pro anyways.) -Repost , Sorry as my flight is nearing and my country doubles all the price of laptops.

Thanks :slight_smile: