Hybrid Mode: Top Row = Presets/Bottom Row = Scenes

2 different ideas mentioned here. The one that gets my backing is 4 scenes (within one preset) and 4 stomps.

The scenes is good but annoying if you want to flexibly add, say, a modulation or a pog etc to your sound on the fly … but if you have 3-4 different drives in that scene, you can only realistically choose 1 or 2

A hybrid mode would have scenes and then the option to just turn on one pedal over different sounds


Hybrid mode needed for sure, and possibilities to have multiple pages to handles all the control we need, could be possible in this mode to switch between the pages with up and down switch.


Hybrid Mode!!!

I need to be able to have stomps on some switches and scenes on others. After I saw a mock up of this mode online, I was excited, but gigs keep coming and that upgrade has not. So, I’m using my AxeFX III. Please Neural! Tell me it’s in 1.3!!!

if you have in upper switches scenes for example… and you want to assign on the bottom line a stomp, can’t you create a scene in upper line with the specific stomp off… and create scene bottom with the specific stomp on?
You can rename the scenes in detail too.
With headrush i had the hybrid mode … but at the end i used always scenes.
But maybe I did not understand your need

So it’s not for you. Yes you can but then you have to have a scene with every combination of stomps and gain levels and solo boosts. It’s MUCH more efficient to have (for me) the bottom row: clean, crunch, hi-gain, solo (with boost), and then be able to tap in comp, phase/vibe, flanger or rotary, and delay.

To your point, yes, I usually have song-specific presets in scenes only…top row is one song, bottom is another. So I end up using one preset in hybrid mode (that covers about half of the night), and a few others for specific songs.

I play in two different groups and do occasional sit-ins, so hybrid helps me to avoid needing bunches of presets, not to mention the gaps switching between them. In the AxeFX, hybrid allows me to use several different amps…mainly for song-specific stuff, and then have one fairly “universal” preset that has my main amp thing happening…again, that preset will cover almost anything–I can do whole gigs with one preset if necessary…keeps it simple.

There are already multiple feature requests for a hybrid mode. Consider voting these up - this will give better visibility to ndsp than more and more feature requests for the same feature.

I have voted for all the ones I’ve seen, but to your point, I’ve just searched and voted for a couple more.

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Do you have or are you willing to use a MIDI controller to manage the QC? If so you can have your own hybrid mode now, in fact, better than what hybrid mode on the QC alone would give you. I understand it means an extra piece of gear, but it IS an option you can use today to get around this

one of the selling points of this piece of equipment is the simplicity of the setup. Not to add more gear i think.


Following the looper implementation in 1.3, this is now more required than ever. I would like to see some optionality applied to this feature though so you can customise what the layout is, rather than it just being one row scenes and one row presets etc. It would be good customise which buttons are stomps, which are scenes and which are presets, and have that layout unique to each preset.


perfect idea. I have been asking for this feature since I purchased it in August. :pray:

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What @cataclysm wrote. An optional button layout page for each preset to specify what each of buttons A through H should toggle (scene #, preset #, or stomp) would be very cool.


Hi, I’m new to the QC
Is it possible to mix stomp & scene mode?
so that I can use the lower row for scenes and the upper row for stomp-switching.

Not yet - That’s a frequently requested feature.
Search the forum for “Hybrid mode”.

If I recall correctly in some topics there are some suggestions on how to use a midi footswitch to get a kind of hybrid mode (in case you have a midi footswitch)

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My preset with HYBRID MODE and LOOPER in “FAKE SCENE MODE” , using a cable from MIDI OUT to MIDI IN

credits to Neural DSP Quad Cortex Hybrid Mode Hack - YouTube

This was brilliant!

No hybrid mode (native) yet !

Current 1.4 corOS.

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