Hybrid mode concept - not perfect, but ok

True, @Jacob, that’s still a good option for maximum flexibility. Almost forgot about it.

Yes! Thanks for pointing it out. I already have it installed!

I’m hoping they make the hybrid mode ‘per preset’ as an option though. It would work better for me, though it works fine as is

Per preset would be good. Also would be nice to be able to be able to have full Scene and full Stomp mode while still having Hybrid as an option. The current configuration where you have to pick between having a full mode for both or neither replaced by hyrbrid is not ideal.


I’m curious as to what they will do next with this. I’m sure they will likely give us the per preset, but I like the idea of full scene, full stomp, and hybrid modes selectable on the fly somehow.

For now, I’m still staying largely in stomp mode on the QC, and activating scenes in that preset with a controller. It definitely works for me, but I feel it could be better

As it is now, I just have Preset mode disabled, and decided to toggle between Stomp and Scene view by pushing the two right most switches simultaneously. Would be nice if that was a toggle with just one button, but I’m not about to set up a whole secondary switching device for that. The whole reason I use a device like the QC is to avoid multiple devices on the floor.
The Helix did this right, but I was tired of how big and heavy it was physically.