Omega Granophyre high CPU usage


Since I switched back from Windows to Mac, I have issues with the CPU usage of Neural DSP plugins, most notably the Omega Ampworks Granophire.

For example:

Using the standalone version, It’s constantly at 45-65% CPU. Oversampling is on normal, the sample rate is 48khz, and I’ve turned up the buffer size to 2048 samples, the maximum value.

I’m using the standalone app for demonstration purposes here, my real issue is with my Studio One project, which was running fine on my PC.

Btw, I have a 16" MacBook Pro, with a 2.3Ghz 8-Core i9. My PC only had an i7. I’m connected to power at all time.

Here’s what happens when I launch my Studio One project:

The project runs at 48khz, 24bit. When I deactivate all instances of NeuralDSP plugins (8x Omega, 2x Darkglass Ultra), it looks different:

(I had to remove the screenshot as I’m a first time poster, CPU usage of Studio One dropped to about 130%)

It’s still not great, but it’s significantly better.

I tried switching to the Audio Unit plugin versions, and using the lowest oversampling setting, but that didn’t change CPU usage.

It should be noted that Studio One runs smoothly, and there are no audio dropouts. My laptop’s fans will however be on the loudest setting constantly (which I don’t have with any other programs, and I’m a developer using virtualbox, compiling code, etc), and getting really hot.

I’m really thankful for any tips. And btw, the sound is fantastic :slight_smile:

For comparison, here is 10 instances of Granophyre (Oversampling normal) in Logic Pro:

Also, for comparison, here is it using <2% CPU on my PC:

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