How does QC Soldano compare with PI?

How does QC Soldano compare with the plug-in version?

Or do you have to pay extra and buy the PI version and the wait and hope Neural will come up up with a way of infusing PI into the QC ?

The QC is based on the older SLO 100. The plugin is based on the 2020 update. The 2020 model’s clean channel is based on the dirty shirley amp. So in short, they are not the same amp.

Thanks for confirming that DD, it is as I suspected then :frowning:

I have an one of the BAD SLO 30’s so looked into old vs new a bit, as well as 30 vs 100 and HR25 vs SLO30.

My understanding re the 100 is it has a few minor differences vs the original but it is actually mostly improvements (re better FX loop, depth mod built-in rather than an add-on, etc). The TGP crowd makes a big deal about the custom transformers in the Soldano but AFAIK the BAD version has one wound to the same specs. Stuff above re the dirty shirley and clean channel is complete BS, also.

Any two amps, IRL will vary a little bit. I actually have a QC and run the QC with my SLO30 (which should have the exact same preamp as the BAD 100 watt SLO) in the four cable method. FWIW, I wouldn’t feel any need to check out the plugin after comparing… :stuck_out_tongue: The new one and the original cover the same territory, easily and the QC model is great really no need for both… I will probably keep the amp because it is an amazing amp and using the QC with it is great but the QC model definitely covers that ground and there will be caps of the real amps too.

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