SLO 100 Plugin vs Quad Cortex Soldano Amp Model

Hi all,
as Neural DSP released the new Soldano SLO-100 Plugin Suite, I was wondering if the amp model of the plugin is actually identical to the Soldano Amp model on the Quad Cortex.
Sure, the plugin comes with some additional stomp boxes, effects and cabs but, most probably, I won’t spend 100+ € on a plugin, if I already got the same Amp model on my Quad Cortex.
On the other hand, I would be pretty disappointed if NDSP would start to release amp emulations in Plugin format, that are actually “better” or more “real” versions of their Quad Cortex counterpart…
Any comments or references to official statements regarding their future strategy for releasing Plugins and Quad Cortex Amp Models are very much appreciated.

Thanks and best regards


The Soldano model on the QC is an older one and the plugin is the newer one, probably the 2020 one.

I think the production quality of the model is similar. I don’t know if the newer model sounds much different to the older one in real life.

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