How 2 Power the QC on a Pedalboard?

the spec on that Mooer power bank says it has a max 2A output, how is it powering the QC when it needs 3A @ 12V?

I’m still waiting for my QC, but I suspect you can run this with a Palmer WT PB40 on a Palmer PB40. It has a 12V 2A output and two other 500mA outputs that you can switch to 12V. With two currentdoubler cables, that should be enough.

If you can solder and work a multimeter to verify polarity, I can confirm this works:

Im interested to know if anyone has used voodoo as well. New to QC and wanting to put it on a small board with volume and a Big Sky

I’ve been using these devices for the past couple of weeks with the QC, they seem fine. I tried installing them under a Metro 16, but it’s a fairly tight fit - I could have made it work, but decided to call that a failed experiment. It’d probably work fine with a right angled IEC connector, but not so well with a straight one.

Used the Cioks DC7 with split cables but whent for the Cioks Crux to keep it nice and tidy.

Another vote for the CIOS 7. Excellent power supply and slim to boot.

I ordered mine from Jad Freer in Italy. Cool guys. Very responsive. They’ll make whatever configuration you want.

Plus, got it in less than 2 weeks. Priced about like a Cioks.

Just using one current doubler splitter (that they supplied). But I’m going to make my own so it looks clean.

I will also mention there are guys using like 3-4 spots on a Cioks and it works fine. You don’t need the full 3a to run it.

But if you want the full enchilada current… go Jad Freer.

I have this on the top of a Rockboard.

They make a slim version that could go underneath. All dimensions on the site.

Each output is 1600ma. And you can get any configuration of voltage and number of outputs that you need.

I went with the Sweet Foot Pedals who are making several options available specifically for the QC. Works perfectly!!


Has anyone had success using something like this? So much cheaper than most of the other options on this thread. What’s the catch?

I use it (there’s another thread on here somewhere where it’s discussed at length) - nothing fancy but it works just fine & is more practical than the OEM supply. No need to spend big money if you’re only looking to power the QC alone.

Thanks for your reply, I’m going to get one and give it a whirl.

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Has anyone come across a way to power it from a Strymon Zuma yet?
I know you can’t do it directly as the current requirements are not met, but are there any other ways?
Would it be possible to do something with the 24V chain output?
Would rather not shell out for another board power supply if possible.

I ordered the Cioks Crux and run it off my Zuma. Works a charm!

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Ahhh amazing. Does it just take the 24V out directly and convert it for the QC?
No bodging or extra cables etc required?

Yep! I used the cable from my Ojai expansion because the included cable with the Crux is A) short and B) straight ends and I needed right-angles, but both work just fine.

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Just to confirm that this myvolts adaptor works fine. Really compact and fits neatly under a pedal board. I’m using this with a cheap and cheerful T-rex PSU for my other pedals. No need for expensive high-current solutions.

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I’m powering my QC with a generic 12V, 3.3A psu: An EDAC EA1044. I made a small adaptor cable that reverses the polarity, but if you don’t want to solder whey are available from various manufactures.
My other pedals are powered with an old Cioks Schizophrenic.

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Another vote for the CIOKS DC7. Great power supply and ideal for the QC.

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