PowerBank Thread for Quad Cortex (No More AC Cables)

So was looking at a few threads on pedalboards and how to power the QC with powerbricks and also a mission 529 with a portable usb powerbank so i thought id look deeper into this as im now starting to build my board with a RockBoard Tres 3.2

So with the QC requiring power of 12v at 3000mA with a 2.1mm center-negative barrel

Anyway below is what i have found below

Blackstar PB-1 PowerBank

Blackstar PB-1 PowerBank

The rugged PB-1 PowerBank allows you to power a compatible amp wherever you are. With a long use-time and USB outputs for charging other devices it’s an essential part of your kit when you leave the house.

  • Up to 16 hours of continuous playback (depending on the device connected)

  • Two USB outputs for charging phones or compatible devices

  • Handy built-in flashlight for dark stages

  • Includes Velcro strip for attaching the PB-1 to your amp

  • Compatible with ID:CORE, Super Fly and ACOUSTIC:CORE

  • 10,000mAh / 12VDC output, USB and light

  • 15V Power Supply PSU-PB-1 to recharge PB-1

  • 3 hours recharge time

  • 12-16 hours play time for SUPER FLY Active Cabinet

  • 5-9 hours play time for SUPER FLY Bluetooth Combo

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Now the Blackstar superfly with the psu-2 power is 12V at 2.5A with a center positive barrel connector so we would just need a Polarity Reverser.

DC Tip Adapter 2.1mm to 2.1mm Polarity Reverser

Now to power those other 9V pedals we could convert the usb outputs from the blackstar powerbank to 9V with a ripcord usb converter and you have 2.4A with the usb output to share out.

myVolts 9V Ripcord USB to DC power cable, centre negative

Not bought any of these items yet but having seen the Blackstar PB-1 PowerBank power the superfly for many hours I do seem hopeful.

Any suggestions/comments welcome

Hey, I wrote a thread here about this and over at the gear page called “My battery powered quad cortex” I did run into some issues. This power pack should work but I’d be concerned about battery life. With my 50000mah hour bank I get 8-10 hours. You’d be looking at 1.5 - 2.5 (approx. by math) with this one. If that’s plenty for you then I wouldn’t see any issue. If you do end up getting it working could you post your results and parts on those threads so there’s a resource of what works and doesn’t for anyone else trying it?

@dws2384 yeh I did see your thread on your mod, I’m currently aquiring the parts so will post my results once I’m all up and running.

The reason I choose the blackstar PB-1 is because the backstar superfly has similar power requirements at 12v 2.5A.
So will be interesting to see what I get out of it.

I can always upgrade the powerbank to a 50000mah with more usb ports.

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So first power on test.

Luckily I had a reverse polarity cable from my voodoo power brick.

The DC output from the powerbank accepts a 2.5 center positive connector and the QC is a 2.1 center negative so you need the 2.5mm (red) and 2.1mm Straight Barrel Cable

I’ve finished my tres 3.2 pedalboard setup with my Quad Cortex .
I used a 60000mah power bank and mission 529m to deliver 3A to power the quad cortex this is powered via the usb-c on the powerbank.

I also used a myvolts 9v ripcord usb to power the boss wl-50 wireless this also powers the other pedals via Mooer Me PDC 5 A Angled Multi Plug daisy chain.

I also used ebs patch cables as low profile ,flat cables and they are one of the best patch leads you can get.

To fit the powerbank in I had to remove the braces/supports via an Allen key and move them further along and I also added a metal support along the entire length this also holds the PSU for the powerbank if I need to charge it and the mission 529m.
I also used dual lock to mount the pedals, absolutely no movement unlike velcro and it’s easy to reposition as doesn’t leave a sticky mess unlike velcro

I should get about 8 hours of play out of the powerbank.

Some photos below.

Haha had to go and one up me! Looks great man, truly awesome board! glad you got it all sorted out.

Your board was the inspiration man :+1:

So what brand/model 60000mah powerbank you used on this pedalboard ?
Is it Blackstar PB-1 PowerBank ?

I have the this one on eBay .

[eBay powerbank](Power Bank 60000mah Pro | eBay]

On Amazon it’s dearer but it’s the same .

[Amazon](Krisdonia AC Power Bank 130W/ 60000mAh Portable Electric Power Generator - 1x AC Outlet - 2X USB (Quick Charge 3.0) - 1x USB Type-C - Charger for Smartphone/Tablet/Computer/Drone https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07MPY46Z3/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_P5X0KPPYFEV05YN0CBX5)

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Use a Cioks Hi5, 3, 2 male to single female RGB splitters.
Works a treat.
John Allan

Hi, has someone experiences withe the TalenCell powerbanks? The specs seems to quite nice.

Haven’t tried it yet, but I just received a Poweradd Pilot Pro2 23000mAh Power Bank.

It has a DC output that offers 9V/12V/16V/19V/20V at 4.5A(MAX)

You need to use a reverse polarity adapter or cable, but the rating would indicate you could get 10 hours of use at a 2.3 amp draw.

And it currently has a promo code that is ridiculous! Promo code PRO2, will get you the unit for $30, instead of the $120 it’s listed for.

I’m getting some high pitched noise from my pedalboard and upon investigation it seems to be the myvolts ripcord usb to 9v cable below.


When this is plugged into my powerbank it’s got a high pitched noise and this is exaggerated with distortion presets.

When I plugged it into a separate usb outlet from my mains supply no noise.

So problem is the usb output from the powerbank or the cable picking up noise.

Any other recommendations I need to power 4 more 9v pedals.


I think I may need one of these.


@Markus1970 I just returned a Krisdonia to Amazon (couldn’t get the USB-C port to power my QC, using adapter cable, reverse polarity cable). I think the USC-C port was just bad - I tried multiple cables. I haven’t thoroughly read this thread but are you having good results with the Krisdonia 60000mAh battery with the AC-OUT? How many hours of power do you get from it? Or do you use the USB-C port? Does one port give you more hours of power than the others? This more expensive model seems to be the ideal solution. Could you please provide some feedback?