Option to make any Footswitch (or block) in STOMP mode Momentary or Latching

Hello everyone,

Would it be possible (and useful to others) to give the ability in STOMP mode to be either Latching or Momentary? It would be great to have a ‘weird’ effect programmed in that only works when when I’m pressing that footswitch.

For instance, maybe I’d like to kick in an Octave Up sound or an extra Overdrive, but only for a quick instance. Or maybe a widely panned Tremolo for one song-section and the guitar is panning on the beat. OR, my favorite, is an OD or some amp turned all the way down and in essence, the footswitch would be a momentary MUTE/KILLSWITCH.

This could also be something in SCENE mode too, if the QC was ‘taught’ to go back to whatever Scene is active before the Momentary Scene is engaged.

The Momentary/Latching toggle is already a thing in the FREEZE effect, so please just add that option to everything else. A toggle option in ANY Block’s menu could allow for Latching (default) or Momentary and could be a creative musical tool.

Please give this a thumbs up vote if this toggle would be useful.


Definitely should be able to do this, but if you need a workaround for right now and have a MIDI controller that supports multiple gestures (long press/hold) you can enable it via that as a workaround

That would work for sure. I’d prefer not having external switches and have it all built in to the QC and available footswitches.