Option to make any Footswitch (or block) in STOMP mode Momentary or Latching

Hello everyone,

Would it be possible (and useful to others) to give the ability in STOMP mode to be either Latching or Momentary? It would be great to have a ‘weird’ effect programmed in that only works when when I’m pressing that footswitch.

For instance, maybe I’d like to kick in an Octave Up sound or an extra Overdrive, but only for a quick instance. Or maybe a widely panned Tremolo for one song-section and the guitar is panning on the beat. OR, my favorite, is an OD or some amp turned all the way down and in essence, the footswitch would be a momentary MUTE/KILLSWITCH.

This could also be something in SCENE mode too, if the QC was ‘taught’ to go back to whatever Scene is active before the Momentary Scene is engaged.

The Momentary/Latching toggle is already a thing in the FREEZE effect, so please just add that option to everything else. A toggle option in ANY Block’s menu could allow for Latching (default) or Momentary and could be a creative musical tool.

Please give this a thumbs up vote if this toggle would be useful.


Definitely should be able to do this, but if you need a workaround for right now and have a MIDI controller that supports multiple gestures (long press/hold) you can enable it via that as a workaround

That would work for sure. I’d prefer not having external switches and have it all built in to the QC and available footswitches.

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That would be great! Used that function quite a bit with my Helix VH gig setup, both for the flanger and for the cool momentary boost/delay thing Ed was doing a lot live on their later shows.

Thanks Mikey. I agree.

The cool thing is that this function is already built into the FREEZE effect, so they can hopefully just migrate that code to all the other blocks.

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Would be even better if this could extend to midi so the QC could send both latching (does this now) and momentary (does not do this now…as far as I can tell) midi commands

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Great idea! That could be a powerful addition!

Depending on your MIDI controller you can already do momentary stomps:


Yes, I have an MC8 and use it to control the QC and other things in my setup. But, it would be a lot easier to use the QC as the brain of the setup, including as a midi controller, and get rid of the MC8. I only have the MC8 because of the limitation for the QC to send momentary (I don’t really care about hybrid mode). The QC can easily send midi now, but only in latching mode (unless I am wrong about that and somebody can show me how it does that on its own). My use case needs momentary. So, if momentary switching could be implemented for another utility as was requested here, it would be even better if that extended to the midi capability as well.


I tend to agree. I’d rather not add more pedals to my board and I would prefer my QC be the brain. I still receive the clock tempo from my 1010Music Blackbox.

I’ve certainly thought about adding a small MIDI controller, but I elected not to do so in an effort to keep things simpler.


I’m also from the “let the QC be the brains” camp. It’s a slippery slope to have too many requested features be answered by requiring the addition of yet another piece of equipment. A big part of the appeal of the QC for me was an “all in one” solution (with the exception of the expression pedal) in a compact form factor. If I need to start adding pieces of additional equipment and more cabling there are plenty of other larger form factor options, that provide that functionality in one device. I patiently await firmware enhancements that will hopefully accelerate in frequency and/or scope.

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Let it be known - I’m not proposing the “solution” to this feature request is to get another piece of gear. It’s merely to point out that there is a workaround - especially if you already have a MIDI controller - many people do but may not know you could set them up for momentary.

The point wasn’t to negate the post, simply to offer a workaround in the interim until it is implemented. The qc SHOULD be able to do this - in the meantime… here’s a workaround. nothing more :+1:


No worries, brother. Totally get what you are saying and who knows, I may need to add a MIDI controller to the mix. I’m also waiting for 1010music to have the Blackbox send program changes to the QC. It can’t do that yet and it would be very helpful. That’s sort of DJ gear, but I still use it hand-in-hand with the QC at all my gigs, which is 4-5 days a week.

I’ve had my QC about a year now and I’m still over the moon about it. It is such a stellar piece of gear. What I would have done for this back in the 80s and 90s! I used to have a 14 space floating rack that was a total back-breaker. The QC is a lifesaver for me.


Always grateful when someone offers up a workaround. Thanks! Accompanied by a vote for the OP’s feature request in the hopes that what is now a workaround eventually gets incorporated into the firmware.


Definitely. These forums are great for helping each other find solutions. :pray:


Just bumping this feature request for people that may not have seen it.

Hope this makes it into the 2.0 firmware. You cannot currently assign the bypass state or any effect or its parameters to a footswitch as momentary. This is another one of the features currently missing on the QC that prevents me from being able to use it on certain songs for performance without adding an external MIDI controller. Another piece of core functionality IMHO that absolutely needs to be on the device.

Hybrid mode would be critical here too, as it would allow you to select a preset/scene and then have the momentary footswitch instantly available as a Stomp switch.

I really need them to implement this - it drives me nuts that the Whammy block is currently kind of a half-assed Whammy rather than a proper Whammy (the fact that Neural advertised the QC as having a Digitech Whammy model was one of the key selling point’s for me in the first place). All of the features that can be found across the entire Whammy range should be present (i.e. momentary switching, dive-bomb, detune etc) otherwise it‘a really just a generic pitch-bending effect with a one-octave range & it’s a misrepresentation to use the Whammy name.

It does of course make total sense to allow the assignment of monetary switching across all effects (I’m just pointing out how I would use it to simulate the right hand side of my Whammy DT).

I also hope that this feature will be implemented soon.

Changing the scene using a momentary switch would also make sense in Scene mode.
If you select a scene with the foot switch, you will be switched back to the previous scene after taking your foot off the switch.
So you would be able to change parameters only as long as you have your foot on the switch.

Currently I use an HX Stomp, which selects a scene via midi and sends a scene change again after releasing the switch.

But the 3 buttons of the HX Stomp are limited, as this compensates for other disadvantages of the Quad Cortex.
And I don’t have any more space on the board for another midi controller like the MC6 or MC8.

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Just bumping for new users. Thanks.